The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Services and Activities for October 2020

Each service is held on Epiphany Island, in the virtual world of Second Life. The service is usually offered in text and voice format.


A prayer service in the chapel

People from all over the world attend services, and if you are new to Second Life you are most welcome! All service and activity times are provided in SL Time (which is the same as Los Angeles). Check out the World Clock meeting planner to work out the time in your location.

Click here to visit us.

Hope to see you soon!


Regular services & activities:

 *Services and events during October 2020*
 The Cathedral, Chapel and COVID Prayer Circle are always available: come and enjoy the atmosphere of a place used to prayer. Feel free to invite other members of the group to join you via the Group Chat. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of…

*Morning Prayer: Monday to Sunday at midnight SLT in the Meditation Chapel, led by Charlie, Lady Queen and GRobit.

*Questions, Queries, and Quagmires
 Jude’s discussion group meets Saturdays at 1 pm SLT

*Sunday at 10.30 am SLT at the benches outside the Parish House. Joyous and Mimsey lead discussion of the day’s gospel. This usually leads nicely into…

SUNDAY SERVICE – Creationtide specials!
*Sunday at 12 noon SLT in the Cathedral, prayer services led by Helene and Finn, and this month we celebrate the end of Creationtide!
4th, St Francis – Helene. Bring your shoulder-pets!
NOTE: From November, we will only be having one Sunday Noon Service.  In December for the Christmas Season we have a full schedule planned for Sunday Noon Services.

32 thoughts on “Services and Activities for October 2020

  1. Helene can I become a volunteer for Anglican church? I can’t access sl but maybe there is something I can do through the blog?

    • That’s an interesting idea, Lily. Perhaps directing people our way through your blog is a very good way to act as a volunteer. I shall have to think if there is anything else you could do. Thank you for suggesting it.

      • Thank you Helene 🙂 I can try that.

      • Can I write a women’s bible study for Anglican Church?

      • You can certainly have a go at writing a Bible Study. We don’t have a specifically women’s study group in Second Life. Perhaps when you put something together, you could post it on your blog and hope to get some comments about it.

      • Thank you Helene. I may not do it, just was thinking about trying it out.

      • Helene. I made my blog about Inworldz because of my difficulties with sl. I still pull from sl marketplace since Inworldz does not yet have a marketplace but I hope you are able to check out my blog sometimes

      • I will still write about Second Life, its just hard because of what Ive been through

      • Helene I dont think Im going to keep this blog. Im very depressed about my abuse. Be well

      • Can you pray for me Helene. Im really struggling. I think I will keep this sl blog but Ive just been feeling depressed

      • I will certainly pray for you, Lily.

      • Thank you Helene 🙂

  2. Hello, brand new to SL, and came looking to learn about virtual spirituality. I’m a priest in the Episcopal Church of the United States, serving a small rural church in the Diocese of Texas. Looking forward to meeting you – enjoyed some peaceful time in your worship space, thank you. – Rev. Ashley

    • Wonderful to hear from you, Rev. Ashley. I’m glad you’ve found your way to us and enjoyed something of what we can offer. Do introduce yourself in SL if we are around at the same time.

      I think online church has a lot to offer those in smaller offline churches.

  3. His this lead by real clergy or just play acting? i am Roman Catholic and would love to find a real Catholic group lead by a real priest but so far all I have found is ‘Role players’ so dissapoijnting I go to school and unfortunately mass gets pushed back to 6:00 on Sunday’s which is also dinner time so you have to either wolf down a meal and run over or go without one or the other thank you for any help

    • Hello Holly,

      Thank you for your question.

      As far as I know most RC churches in Second Life use role play, although I’m sure that many involved in the role play are very sincere in their faith. The Anglican Use Group is led by Kappy Zabaleta who was an Episcopal Priest before converting to Roman Catholicism. He is the shrine director of Walsingham Chapel. There are regular prayer services there. You might like to contact him.

      On Epiphany Island we do not role play. We aim to be genuine and transparent in all that we do. Currently we have no ordained members and we do not allow people on the sim to wear clerical robes unless they are ordained offline. Our services are led by lay people. We don’t offer Holy Communion online either. We meet regularly for prayer and worship together.

      Everyone is welcome to join us. Although we are not Roman Catholic, there is enough in our services which seems familiar for Roman Catholics to feel at home. We have several Roman Catholics who worship with us currently. Do come along to Epiphany Island and join us at any convenient time. If you have further questions do ask them here or send me an IM in Second Life.


  4. I just signed up for a Second Life account and wanted to attend the worship at noon today (NY time) but can’t figure out how to get into the Cathedral. Any advice. Also when I tried to open the Second Life download, it says source can’t be verified. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks for contacting us, Cheryl and welcome to the community.

      The service is at noon Second Life Time which is the same as Los Angeles so it will be three hours later NY time.

      It is safe to accept the Second Life download. Thousands of people do it every day so I don’t think there is any need to worry.

      If you look at our About page ( and scroll down you will see instructions on finding us. Be aware that using Second Life faces you with a steep learning curve but if you once get to Epiphany Island, members of the community are very happy to give as much help as they can. If you do manage to log in, send me an IM so that I know your SL name and I will happily link you up with someone to sit with in the cathedral if you would like some help during the service. You are very welcome to add me as a friend also if you wish. Just use the search facility to find my name. If I can help further, feel free to email me at ailsa[at]

  5. What’s still up is the Dec. 10-16 schedule – I can’t find a C’mas Eve/C’mas schedule here or in-world! If anyone has a copy, please e-mail it to me at THANKS!!!


    • So sorry! I sent out a schedule inworld, but forgot to update the blog! There will be a Christmas Eve service today at 2pm to welcome the Posada back to the Cathedral, and a Christmas Day service tomorrow at noon.

  6. To visit us in Second Life click here (note: if you are new to SL you will need to sign up by clicking on the orange box in the top right hand corner). Once inside SL, feel free to IM me (Gareth Janus) or any member of the leadership team.

  7. so link to it please!

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  9. It was nice meeting you after the service, Patrick.
    Mark’s sermon was in ‘Voice Chat’. It may be that you haven’t got it enabled or else your settings may need adjusting.

    The first thing to check is if you see little white dots above avatars’ heads. When individuals are using voice chat, green or red bars emanate from those dots giving an indication of volume levels. If you do not see these and know that a person is talking then you will not have Voice Chat enabled. Go to the Preferences page which can be found in the Edit menu at the top of your screen or by pressing CTRL-P.
    Select the Voice Chat tab and put a tick in the enable voice chat box.
    It’s also worthwhile checking that the sound levels for voice chat are high enough. To do that look to near the bottom right of your screen. There’s a sub-menu for adjusting individual volume levels. Make sure that Voice is set to maximum.
    Finally, try turning up your volume in Windows and/or the dial on your speakers – I find that voice chat is typically quiet compared to other SL sounds.
    I hope this helps – but do contact me for any more help.

  10. I couldn’t hear audio of the service or Mark’s sermon. I don’t know why I didn’t hear the audio. Anything special I need to do. I’m new to Second Life Anglican Church.

    Patrick Vossen

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  12. I’ve sent you a Landmark. Follow it and you will be teleported to outside the Cathedral.
    Anything you need send an instant message in-game to ‘Gareth Janus’ 🙂

  13. I’m new in SL. I joined the church after finding it via the search engine, but I still don’t know how to go to places in world. How do I get there for a service? Thanks!

  14. Ahh, Mark, if I can stay awake until 11pm, I’ll be there! Still no mouse for my MacBook Pro, but at least this time…Hild will sit down!

  15. OMG!! How awesome is this!! I just joined tonight!!

    Greetings ya’ll!!!

  16. Great to hear from you!

    Thanks for your question.

    When you are in SL, click the search tab at the bottom of the screen. Then click groups tab. Then type in Anglican. Then click on Anglicans in SL and a ‘profile’ will show on the right. Then click join group…


  17. How do I join the Anglican group or do I just show up. I met a Scottish Anglcan in the Cathedral (my first time in SL) and she suggested I contact you as you invited her in

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