The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Epiphany Rules of Behavior

It is our aim to provide a safe sim within Second Life which can be enjoyed by everyone. To that end we have the following rules of behavior which seek to ensure an excellent experience for everyone who spends time on the sim.

The whole sim is open to the public and we invite you to explore and to enjoy spending time here.

  • All are welcome, regardless of creed or affiliation, to attend any of our services, or use any of our facilities for private prayer and meditation.
  • We would be pleased to consider any request to use our facilities for activities run by other ministries. If you wish to run regular or one off events or services of any nature you MUST seek the approval of the Leadership Team.
  • Any requests for use of our facilities for weddings or services of a sacramental nature (such as baptisms and the Eucharist/Holy Communion) will NOT be considered at this time.
  • Please respect the fact that we are a PG sim and dress accordingly.
  • Bloodlines roleplay is NOT permitted here.
  • Unless you are a priest, pastor or a member of a religious order in RL, we would appreciate your not dressing as one on the sim.
  • Activity taking place within our worship spaces must be respectful of the sanctity that we accord these spaces. Activity anywhere on the sim should respect our PG (General) status. Therefore nudity, the carrying of drawn weapons and avatar appearance (including offensive display names or titles) or behavior that might cause distress are not allowed.
  • Actions which prevent others from enjoying the facilities offered on the sim should also be avoided. Any violations of SL Community Standards (found at will not be tolerated. This includes Intolerance, Harassment, Assault, non consensual Disclosure and Disturbing the Peace.
  • Anyone who violates these rules will be given a warning to desist in such behavior. If behavior is not modified within a short time, the avatar will be ejected (and possibly banned) from this region, and reported to Linden Lab. This action will be taken at the discretion of the Cathedral Officer present at the time of the incident.  Any questions or concerns regarding such action may be directed to Ana Stubbs, Churchwarden of the Cathedral or Helene Milena, Lay Pastor.

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your experience on Epiphany Island, please direct them to a member of the Leadership Team.  We would be happy to hear from you!

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