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Tithe Sixpence


I am Tithe Sixpence, Treasurer for the Anglicans of Second Life group. (This is the Treasurer’s account in SL.).

I’d like to give you an overview of the financial situation of the Anglicans of SL Group, and explain how it all works, especially since many of you may be new to Second Life.

Treasury?  Isn’t SL free?

Well, yes and no.  You can sign up for a free account with SL, and don’t have to spend a single Linden dollar when you get here if you choose not to.  But that doesn’t mean that there are no expenses involved with providing the SL environment.  Almost all of the places you visit in SL are owned by other SL residents, who pay Linden Lab for the use of the land (in reality, the use of LL server space) they occupy (known as a “tier payment”).  Epiphany Island is a private region within SL, which currently costs us $1,770 US dollars (USD) per year.

What is included in the AoSL budget?

Our current budget for 2013-14 is $2,343 USD.

The greatest expense we have is, not surprisingly, the tier payment (83%).  We also identify and make provisions for three smaller items within that budget: a monthly fee for use of an online project management system that allows us to coordinate our ministry work with one another (which currently costs us $20 USD per month or circa 10%), a fee to increase facilities on our blog (new for this year, costing $30) and a $10 USD per month miscellaneous line item to cover any incidental expenses we incur (circa 5%).

Allowing for a 10% contingency, our budget for these four categories for 2013-14 is $2,343 USD. There is very little extra built into this budget and so we must meet our targets if we are to pay our tier and continue to operate for another year.

Monthly goal amounts

When you visit the Cathedral, and other areas around Epiphany Island, you will see donation receptacles.  These have floating text above them, showing a donation goal amount.  This is the goal we set each month.

You may have also noticed that this amount changes from month to month.  Here is how each month’s goal is calculated.  At the end of each month, I calculate how much we have raised since the beginning of the total donation cycle.  Since we make our yearly tier payment in May, the cycle for the following year starts in June.  I subtract how much we have raised so far this cycle from the yearly goal amount, which gives us how much we have yet to raise to meet the budget.  I then divide that amount by how many months remain in the donation cycle.  So, if we fall short on one month’s goal amount, the goal for the following month would be correspondingly higher. Or, more optimistically, if we exceed our current monthly goal, the goal for the following month would be lower!

One other thing to note is that the donation receptacles only display the progress toward the monthly goal made through in-world donations through these devices.  At the end of each month, I also calculate our Paypal donations, as well as any donations made directly to the treasury account, and set the goal for the following month based on the total donations made.

How can I help?

Every little bit helps!  You can make in-world donations using Linden dollars through any of the donation receptacles located around Epiphany Island, or make a direct payment to the Tithe Sixpence account (pull up the Tithe Sixpence profile page using the Search function with SL and select Pay).  If you prefer, you can also make a donation to us directly using the Paypal button below.

We are often asked if our donations are tax deductible.  We hope that will soon be possible, at least in the UK initially.

Make a one-time donation

Make a one-time donation

Subscribe for $10.00 USD per month

Subscribe for $10.00 USD per month

Subscribe for $25.00 USD per month

Subscribe for $50.00 USD per month

Subscribe for $50.00 USD per month



We appreciate your support!

Anglicans of Second Life is a ministry totally run by volunteers, with no current outside funding sources.  We rely on donations from our community members to maintain this ministry space within Second Life, and we deeply appreciate any support you are able to give.  Thank you!


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  1. Very nice and clear explanation. I had been wondering about those details…

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