The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Visitor’s Guide to the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


Welcome to the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life! Our vision is to build an Anglican church in Second Life which:

  • is grounded in worship and prayer, seeking to be a bridge between our rich Anglican heritage and contemporary society.
  • gives those involved in Second Life an opportunity to explore or deepen their faith in God, who loves them and seeks a relationship with them.
  • encourages Christians from different countries and theological persuasions to work together to the glory of God.
  • is a community which welcomes and serves others, and is known for its love and care.
  • is recognized as an integral part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

You can read our complete vision statement here.

A Ministry of Welcome

Epiphany Guide - Welcomer

Cathedral Welcomer

One of the guiding principles of our ministry is that of welcome and hospitality to all who visit here.  All are welcome, regardless of creed or affiliation, to attend any of our services, or use any of our facilities for private prayer and meditation.

We hope you have an enjoyable visit to Epiphany Island.  Our goal is for this to be a safe and welcoming environment within SL.

Keeping in touch

Epiphany Guide - Notifications

A group notification in Second Life

If you would like to receive updates on our events and services, you can join one of our “groups” in Second Life.  Joining our main SL Group (Anglicans of Second Life) will enable you to receive all of our group notices and group IMs.  If you would prefer to join our Subscribe-O-Matic Update Group (which does not take up a group slot) please touch the Update Group sign in the upstairs room of the Parish House.

Financial Support

We depend entirely on volunteers to run the activities on Epiphany Island and on donations from the community and visitors to meet the land payments needed to maintain the sim.  Any donation you can make is gratefully received. Donation fonts or baskets can be found in the Cathedral, Chapel, outside the Parish House and in the Conference Center.

Further information about Anglicans of Second Life can be found on the following pages.:

See more:

2 thoughts on “Visitor’s Guide to the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

  1. how many people are involved in this second life church? And are there many other second life churches online?

    • Hello Jeff. Thank you for contacting us. We have around 450 members of the Second Life group ‘Anglicans of SL’. However in terms of active membership there is probably a core of around 40-50 that we see with varying degrees of regularity. There are many other churches in Second Life. Some are very active whereas others have been active in the past but are less so now, or there are just church buildings to be found but not community which uses them for prayer or worship.

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