The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Prayer Support

Prayer with or by others is often helpful to us as we navigate the joys and sorrows of life. Here on Epiphany Island there are various ways you can be supported in prayer by others.

During services:

Most worship services in the Cathedral or Chapel have an opportunity for those attending to type prayer requests during a time of open prayer. If you don’t feel confident in doing this, you can IM the service leader (right click on their name) and ask them to offer the prayer for you.

On prayer cards:

At the back of the Cathedral you can post prayer requests on notecards. These requests will be listed each week so that others can pray for you. You may wish to light a votive candle also. Votive candle stands are by the west and north doors of the Cathedral and in the Chapel. The requests may also be included during the prayers in worship services.

You can also send a prayer request by filling in this form:

After services:

The service leader and/or a member of the Prayer Ministry Team would be willing to meet with individuals in need of prayer in a private location after a service.

Prayer Ministry Team:

Members of our Prayer Ministry Team are happy to pray with you either on a one to one basis or with another member of the team in attendance.  If one of this team is available in-world while you are, you can IM (Instant Message) them or send them a page using the online indicators under the photos on the board by the votive candles in the Cathedral.  Otherwise send them a notecard and they will contact you when they can.

The prayer team is comprised of Helene Milena, Joyous Schism, and Charlie12string Lax.

Any information you share with the Prayer Ministry Team will be treated with the utmost confidence.

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