The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


First Anglican group meeting.

First Anglican group meeting.

In November 2006 Rocky Vallejo (Bill Sowers in real life, member of St David’s Episcopal Church, Diocese of Kansas) founded the Anglican Group in Second Life.  Then in February 07 Rev Mark Brown (Arkin Ariantho) joined and offered to lead the group. The first meeting of the Anglican group was a small affair (see image below) and out of this Mark shared a vision of building an Anglican presence in SL through a church.  Espeth Guyot (SL name) shared the vision with some builder friends which resulted in Monty Merlin (SL name) offering to build the Cathedral with assistance from Elspeth and Barry Lubezki.  From March through to May 07 the Cathedral was built and as it took shape it was realised this was going to be something exceptional.  On June 14, 2009, the Rev. Mark Brown retired from active leadership in this ministry.

Here is a Fly by of Epiphany Island which gives you a chance to compare how Epiphany Island looked in the past.

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