The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The Vision

New DawnOur vision is to build an Anglican church in Second Life which:

  • is grounded in worship and prayer, seeking to be a bridge between our rich Anglican heritage and contemporary society.
  • gives those involved in Second Life an opportunity to explore or deepen their faith in God, who loves them and seeks a relationship with them.
  • encourages Christians from different countries and theological persuasions to work together to the glory of God.
  • is a community which welcomes and serves others, and is known for its love and care.
  • is recognised as an integral part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Our mission statement

A distinctively Anglican church within SL for those who are Anglicans or who share the Anglican heritage, and for those of other denominations who value what we provide. We also welcome those who are exploring the Christian faith.

If you wish to read further details about our beliefs and practice please go to:

6 thoughts on “The Vision

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  2. what’s the difference between Anglican Church that we normally know and Anglican church in second life?

    • Our mission is to be a ‘distinctively Anglican church’ in SL. Therefore, if we are achieving that, there should be little difference between the two. We are in a different environment, a virtual environment, and so are not in physical contact with one another. The rather technical environment means that some of our work involves technical support to members, something a church in RL would not need to offer of course. Other than that we, like Anglican churches in real life, are a community of Christians which worships and prays together at regular times and sometimes at other times. We use forms of worship which are Anglican. We offer pastoral care and counselling to those who need it. We have a team of people who will pray with anyone who feels the need of that. We have sermons in some of our services and often find ourselves discussing them after the service. This and our Bible study provide education in the faith for our members who are at different points on their Christian journey. We don’t have sacraments at the moment so we don’t do all that a real life church does. We are supported by RL Anglican bishops and we do our best to work within the canons of the church so that our life together is guided by the same rules as in any other Anglican church.

      I think you would find that if you asked anyone who had attended our events they would attest to the authentic nature of what we offer. I don’t know if you are a member of our community yet, but I do warmly encourage you to come and join us if you are not and then you can see what you think.

  3. Blessings be upon you and your vision. I have been blessed with each edition of Anglican church in Second Life.

  4. Thank you for publishing this. It makes everything clear and is straightforward and easy to understand.

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