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The Leadership Team

Icon - LeadershipThe Leadership Team of the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life worked in the past under the authority of Bishop Christopher Hill of Guildford, England (now retired). Currently we have no bishop with oversight of our ministry, though we continue to seek for a bishop willing to do so. We serve the Anglicans of Second Life community by coordinating the services and activities held at the Anglican Cathedral of SL, and managing the day to day details of life on Epiphany Island.

We are always eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions on enhancing our services and events.  You can contact us inworld by IM or notecard (notecards are sometimes best, as IMs can be capped by the system).  Or you can just speak to us in person after services, or whenever you see us!  Some of us have also given email addresses below, which you can use as well.  We love to hear from you!


Helene Milena (Ailsa Wright)


I am a self-employed part-time teacher and a retired counsellor. I am an Anglican (Church of England) in real life and have been active in many churches since I became a Christian at the age of 6.

I am currently very involved in my local Anglican church, where I am a member of the PCC (Church Council). On Sundays I help in the service by reading, leading prayers or taking the role of altar server or liturgical deacon.

I have been involved in online church since May 2005. The potential of offering church online has surely not yet been fully explored. I feel privileged to be involved in this Fresh Expression (Emerging) church and am committed to developing online Christian ministry as a complement to face to face church. I lead the ministry of Anglicans of Second Life, chairing real time and asynchronous meetings of the Leadership Team. Within our Second Life ministry I lead worship, offer pastoral care and am a member of the Prayer Ministry Team. You can contact me by email at ailsa [at]


Charlie12string Lax (Charlie Northcroft)


I am originally from New Zealand, but have lived in Australia for many years, but am still staunchly a Kiwi at heart! I lived in an ecumenical Christian community for 24 years where I ran our little hobby farm enterprise and was part of the leadership team.

I am now retired and living in a little country town near Canberra, where I am actively involved with our local Anglican church, having served on the parish council, and occasionally preached when one of our former ministers had to go away. For several years I also used to take Scripture lessons in our local primary school. I have also looked after an AOG church for a short time in outback Australia, where I got the nickname “Charlie12string,” because I play a 12string guitar. You can contact me at charlie12string [at]


Joyous Schism (Judith Avery)

Profiles-JoyousI grew up the daughter of a Methodist minister. I now live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, where I’m a member of St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church. I’m quite active at St. Clare’s, serving on various committees, ushering, lay reading, and such. I’ve served on various committees in the Diocese of Michigan, including the Commission on Ministry, which works with people seeking ordination. I recently retired from quite a lot of years as a librarian at University of Michigan.

One of the first Second Life places I got involved in when I first logged in was Epiphany Cathedral, which I saw as a wonderful opportunity for connecting with Anglicans from around the world. I very much enjoy the Bible study that happens before the main Sunday service, where we spend time getting to know each other as well as discussing the gospel lesson of the day. We meet at 10:30 Sunday outside the cathedral and would be really happy to have you join us.


Ana Stubbs *- Churchwarden

mermaidpicI joined Second Life in 2007, and have been part of the Anglicans of Second Life community almost since it began, to the surprise of a few visitors who weren’t expecting to meet a mermaid.

I am deeply interested in the creative side of SL, and am a confident builder and scripter within the virtual world. Before I swam into SL, I was heavily involved on a volunteer basis with “The Student Room”, a UK-based academic discussion forum and online resource for school and university students.

In the offline world, I am a part-time distance learning student, studying for a physics degree. I live in the North of England, and attend a local Anglican church. I can be emailed at ana.m.stubbs [at]

* Real life name withheld but given to the Leadership Team.



JudeAaronZane * 

JudeI visited Epiphany Island on my first day in Second Life. After many years of asking, a real life friend finally “twisted my arm” to join Second Life. Those early spaces that we tread in the virtual world, leave an indelible impression on our real lives. Just like a birthplace in real life, it was a place that I would return over and over, often very late at night. A place of solace. A place of peace. A place of prayer. The place I celebrated my birthday, my “rezz day” in Second Life. I came back again and again.

The real life world is a very stressful place for me at times. One foot in secular pursuits. The other foot in sacred. As Christians, we affirm Christ’s lordship over all of life – or at least we know we should. Over the years, Epiphany Island became a symbol and solid foundation for my Second Life. It has kept me balanced or brought me back to solid footing when I stumble. It has been a place to “wash the dust off” my real or Second Life feet. A place of refreshing. A place where I have seen leaders doing the everyday, mundane, humble tasks. Foot washing. Serving one another. Caring.

There are many things to do in Second Life. Many places to visit. Many things to see. I have enjoyed a lot of it. But mostly, I enjoy bringing people together. Making those connections. And bringing others to new opportunities. I’m learning to build things and see how it all works. Drinking from the springs of creativity is equally refreshing and relaxing for me. Epiphany is a Church family that’s both virtual and real. Drinking from this cup of the Lord’s table, sharing it with others, and fellowship in the communion of the saints, with these saints; is valuable to my real and Second Life.

I’m interested to see what the Virtual Church will emerge to be in the coming years. Curious to see how the Lord Jesus Christ will connect and expand this community. Eager to watch us grow and mature as saints. I’m Jude Zane. I’m happy to be a part of Epiphany. Theologically educated in real life. And I’m delighted for the opportunity, to give back through service, to Epiphany and its community.

*Real Life name withheld but given to the Leadership Team

30 thoughts on “The Leadership Team

  1. Thank you for having this blog. My computer is no longer able to run Second Life but I love Second Life and the church was one of my favorite things about the site. Thank you for having this blog so I can read and go to church still in a way. I am Christian now because of the church. I have a blog that features items I like from marketplace and everyone is welcome to look at and comment on my blog.

    • I hope one day you can get a new computer that is able to run Second Life. Some of the viewers, like Cool VL, are less demanding on old or lower spec machines so it’s not always necessary to have the latest all singing all dancing model.

      It’s certainly my hope that by having this blog we will reach people who cannot get into SL. When I look at our statistics we have had visitors from about 170 countries. I hope that many of them are blessed by what they read.

      • I will be a lifelong reader of your blog. I do not think I will be able to fix my computer to run sl but I am beyond happy to have your blog to read. The church was my favorite part about sl as well as the beaches. I will keep sl alive for myself by reading your blog and having my own blog

  2. It’s great to know and see the real faces of the ppl that I like so much and admire their work on SL during this four (nonconsecutive) years. Besides Rev. Gareth, whom I’m friends with it on facebook, I didn’t knew the faces of the other members of SL Anglican Cathedral until now. Hope to see you soon from April 7th. God bless you all

  3. The LT has become in the rest of SL somewhat like the “Sons of Jacob” in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaiden’s Tale.”

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  5. Helene, because of our time together, I’ve decided to lead morning prayers (from Daily Office) here, at school where I work. They will take place every morning in our chapel. I already have a few faculty interested in attending! My goal is to bring faculty and students together in this unique and sacred way. Most of our faculty are non-liturgical, but there are seekers here. I just thought I would share this with you as a testimony to the influence of your ministry in SL. These are some of the top educators in the North Texas region. And now some of them will be impacted by the offices because of our short time together in SL.

    This reminds me of the 5 loaves our Lord multiplied. 5 loaves–a short time shared in SL / multitude fed–many educators impacted and influencing others. Wow!

    I will let you know how this develops over time.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know, Vin. I hope our short time on Monday will not be the only time we have to share prayer together.

      I wish you well with this new venture and hope it blesses many. I’m firmly convinced that participating in daily prayer which is mostly scripture is a source of great blessing, even to those who may never have experienced it before. It’s not for nothing that our forebears in the monasteries used this discipline of regular prayer as the basis of their Christian walk.

      It was a great privilege for me to be able to introduce you to Anglican worship. So much of what we do in SL I find to be a great privilege. God is good!

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  7. Hi I am new the second Life and just finding my way around. I have joined specifically to research how God can be incarnate in a virtual world. I would really like to chat to people who have joined the worshipping community. My SL character is Beattie Falmer.

    • Glad to hear from you Beattie. I’m sure you will get many chances to chat to people if you join us at our service times or just after when we tend to chat together. If you have specific questions feel free to contact any member of the Leadership Team directly.

  8. PLEASE not a bishop of the internet! We’ve too many already! Used to have twice the people and half the bishops..

    On ministry wasn’t it John Robinson who said, ‘You can have as high a doctrine of the priesthood as you like as long as your doctrine of the church is higher; you can have as high a doctrine of the church as you like as long as your doctrine of the kingdom is higher.’

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  12. Ahh! You on Twitter Phil? I am @RevMarkBrown

  13. Thanks Mark – maybe +John Sentamu could be persuaded to consecrate someone? He’s just started on twitter @JohnSentamu so evidently isn’t afraid of social media connections!


  14. Greetings Phil,

    Welcome! I am licenced as a Priest to the ministry and we have a couple of Bishops who are involved, +Guildford and +Wellington (NZ) but no Bishop yet! I have floated the idea of a Bishop of the Internet…

  15. Any SL Bishops appointed yet? Even better if they’re twittering too…

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  20. Thanks Harper! Change made.

  21. Since Father Mark is now Father Mark, don’t you think you’d better update his entry up there (grin)?

    Congratulations, Mark!

  22. Mark,

    I have had a (wacky) thought.

    When you are made deacon on the 24th November 2007, would it be worth trying to get a licencing service in the cathedral in SL, perhaps with your diocisean bishop having an avatar for it?

    I have been listened to your sermon on the 5th November, that you don’t want the priesthood to be super-exhaulted above the call of God on each of our lifes.

    What do you think?

    In Christ,

  23. Hi,

    I think that I will try and join the Anglican Community in SL, as I created my account there today.

    I am a Christian in the CofE in real life, and have been a scout leader and a youthworker as well as a software engineer.

    My id in SL is TonyG Trefoil.

    In Christ,

  24. You already know me as Flora Timeless on SL. I’m just popping by to say hello… and I’m quite glad to be a new parish member! =)

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