The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The Teams

Anglicans of Second Life has a huge range of skills distributed among our members. Some volunteers were aware of their skills before offering themselves as part of one of our teams; others have been trained in what they felt God was calling them to do.

Volunteers are organised in teams where members work together, support one another and share skills.

You can read about what the various teams do and the current membership of those teams on the pages below.

If you have an interest in taking a more active role in our ministry we would love to hear from you!  Inside the cathedral, to the right of the west door,  is a volunteer box listing many roles which you might be interested in. Do pop in and fill out a notecard and we’ll get back to you to discuss with you further how your gifts might be used within our community.

Our Teams:

We hope to esptablish a group of welcomers who will ‘loiter with intent’ to speak to anyone who visits and to give them any information they need. Those listed below are already Welcomers.

  • Lynx Tree (peacelynxtree)
  • Pie Runner
  • Ray2009 Hazelnut
  • Katherine Temple (butterfairykitty).

If you are interested in becoming a Welcomer please contact a member of the Leadership Team.


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