The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

About the Cathedral

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Welcome to the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life! We are a distinctively Anglican church within the virtual world of Second Life with worship spaces, services and events which are open to all who wish to visit. Our vision is to build an Anglican church in Second Life which:

  • is grounded in worship and prayer, seeking to be a bridge between our rich Anglican heritage and contemporary society.
  • gives those involved in Second Life an opportunity to explore or deepen their faith in God, who loves them and seeks a relationship with them.
  • encourages Christians from different countries and theological persuasions to work together to the glory of God.
  • is a community which welcomes and serves others, and is known for its love and care.
  • is recognized as an integral part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

You can read our complete vision statement here.

What do we do?

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

We have changed and grown a lot since our Second Life ministry began in June 2007. Anglican worship services are held daily on Epiphany Island: in the cathedral or in our smaller Meditation Chapel. A weekly Bible study is held on Sunday mornings (in Second-Life Time), and other courses and discussion groups are occasionally hosted on the island.

Prayer doesn’t only happen during these times, though. Many people visit our worship spaces at all hours (we are always open!), and we have an active ministry of prayer support and pastoral care to the residents of Second Life.

In addition to our formal worship spaces, there are many other areas to explore on Epiphany Island. These include our Meditation Garden, a beach and a peaceful little island.

The Community Center

The Community Center

Community life is a very important aspect of our ministry. The Epiphany Community Center is a great place to come and relax, and enjoy fellowship with fellow residents from around the world. It is a place to listen to music and dance under the stars or to take a leisurely swim. There is a wealth of useful information there for new residents getting started in Second Life. The changing rooms provide a place to unpack purchases, change clothes, and make other adjustments to your avatar in a safe, private environment.

How to Participate

We hope you will stop by and visit us sometime, either to join us in worship or just explore the island. We have prepared a Visitor’s Guide to the Cathedral and Epiphany Island to assist you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the members of our Leadership Team, either in-world or through the contact information given on the Leadership Team page.

Our worship spaces, services and events are open to all who wish to visit. If you are not yet a resident of Second Life, you can learn more about it and register free at the official Second Life website. See the map below for further details of various locations on Epiphany Island.

Map of Epiphany

Image Map

Hover over the map to see the location of different features on Epiphany Island. Clicking one of the locations will take you to the official Second Life map, where you can choose to teleport to this location in Second Life. Alternatively, you can select one of the SLURLs (Second Life location addresses) listed below.

Cathedral (
Community Center (
Meditation Chapel (
Parish House (
North-western Boat Dock and fishing (
Meditation Garden (
Peace Garden (
Peaceful Island (
Beach (

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22 thoughts on “About the Cathedral

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  4. You have been nominated for a Christian New Media Award 2012. Please email us with your direct contact details.

    God bless,

    Premier Web Team

  5. Freezing Sorbet is to be congratulated on the new Video tour of Epiphany Island. It is excellent!

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  7. We really need to update this video tour of Epiphany Island, as there have been many developments since this was made. Hopefully it could include a little bit from an actual service, preferably including sound or text.
    Is there anyone with the necessary skills who would like to volunteer their services for this. It would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Ha! That will teach me! All I had to do to get the answer was read more!! As if being a Christian, I don’t already know that if you want the answers, all you have to do is read!!! 🙂

    • Glad you found the answer you need, Elexxsis. Lots of services going on on our sim, Epiphany Island. You will be very welcome if you visit us.

      Mark may read this (it would be nice if he saw the compliment) but he is no longer the priest-in-charge of this ministry. He’s busy developing lots more new exciting things online. The ministry continues to be run by a Leadership Team. Do feel free to contact us here or in world if we can help you further.

      • Thanks for answering,but I don’t play the game! Mark is one of my friends on FB and there must have been a link or something leading me to here somewhere, and that’s when I asked the question. Thank you for answering.

  9. Hi Mark,
    Beautiful virtual church!
    Wondering, do you also hold service there, or is this just to plant the seed or thought of church in game play?

  10. There is much to ponder …
    Online church can help those
    who are unable to get out of the house,
    because faith is not in the buildings, in the people.

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  13. Oh no, Kate! If you want to try it again, you might want to use this link:

    This will land you right at the cathedral. Once you get there, let us know and we will show you around!

  14. I joined SL quite a while ago and couldn’t find a way to get off the silly island that all the newbies ended up on!! Oh well.

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  17. The hawk is really cool!

  18. Monty Merlin has done a great job on the build of the cathedral! He’s a very talented chap indeed!

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