The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Guidelines for Researchers

Anglicans of Second Life welcomes researchers to Epiphany Island. We ask that you follow the guidelines below when wishing to conduct research:

All researchers should contact a member of the Leadership Team to let us know they are on the sim for the purpose of research. They should ask for permission before distributing any questionnaires or conducting interviews.

They should give the following details:

RL name and contact details

RL Institution and details.

Purpose of study

Details of method

A statement of ethics

An assurance that the approach complies with SL Terms of Service

A statement of confidentiality

How people are to be recruited

How the results will be used – talk, paper, etc

Will the results be published?

We request a copy of the outcome of the research.

If this is agreed to, we will advertise that a researcher is on the sim so that our community is aware and can choose to participate.
Permission for research will be given by the Chair unless it is an unusual request in which case the Leadership Team will be consulted.

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