The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

A new virtual service = you are invited


me-n-charlie.jpgRev Mark/Arkin shares:

So there I was early this morning in the office getting on with my day like a good CEO; I happen to wonder out towards the office elevator just as this guy exits and walks towards me smiling. I am about to ask who he is looking for when he holds out his hand an introduces himself as one of the members of the members of  the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life!  What is stunning is that even though I have been his pastor for the past year we have never met.  In fact I had no idea what he looked like! (That is me on the left.)

The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life is church online. Its aim is to be church wherever you are, whatever your circumstance.  You would think that the fact that we don’t meet in person would be an issue, but it works. (Oh yes)  We pray for each other, we care for each other, we grow together in community.  And we participate in church services together.  Over the past 18 months it has grown to five services, a Bible study and a discussion group.

And today I announce a new service which I will lead: It will start on Sunday the 15th of February at 3pm (Wellington, NZ time); which is 6pm Sat in Los Angeles and Sat 9pm in New York. To see what time it is where you live click here.

invite.JPGAnd you are invited to come and experience virtual church.

It will be an Anglican style service and I will be preaching using voice (as opposed to just text).


If you are signed up to Second Life:  to get to the Cathedral click here.

If you need to sign up to Second Life: check out my blog post by clicking here.

For more background info see: Christian Mission to a Virtual World.

Or for a more general overview click here.

God bless!

Rev Mark Brown


Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “A new virtual service = you are invited

  1. Thanks to you both for posting this photo!

  2. So sweet to see you 2 guys together!

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