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At this past sunday’s service, rather than the usual sermon by Rev Mark Brown, we had a time of Question and Answer.. Some excellent questions were asked including whether we would have the Eucharist in Second Life and whether there is a plan to have a Bishop of the Virtual world!

Click on the play button below to listen to this interesting session.

Author: Mark Brown

CEO of The Bible Society in New Zealand.

9 thoughts on “Question and Answer

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  2. A (very rough) translation of the above:

    Usually becomes my visit in Second Life, unfortunately, right sporadic. But over the last week I spent a lot of time there, which was both fun and interesting. Besides that I was hanging around in general in some different places and teleport me around to check out what’s up,so I participated in two Sunday worship in the Anglican Church, a Tuesday worship in the same place and in a prayer for me in a new place.

    In connection with the Time for “fellowship” on the church hill after a Sunday church service, I became friends with a person (must have been a mistake on his part because we have not talked or met before) who showed interested in Church History and correctly inserted in the ‘deep church’. Personally, I had no idea what ‘deep church’ was (though I can a part of history), and after our conversation is’ deep church ‘something I agree on that check, through books, blogs and groups in SL.

    Likewise, I ended up right in an unscheduled prayer in a place resulting in a private and creative initiatives. It was a little funny and a little uncomfortable if I must be honest. I have not been in a prayer for several years by a few different reasons, I must admit. My impression, however, is positive and I am fascinated by how genuine the meeting seemed to be perceived by all who were there – as it was for real then I ended up in a fun conversation with an avatar that was our true identity which we probably never came up with what “really” was true (although I think I know).

    Last Sunday I attended, I then in the Anglican Church worship with Arkin Ariantho / Mark Brown which included a moment of questions and answers around the SL-church instead of a traditional sermon. It showed up a lot of relevant questions that the church must respond to in its SL presence. For example: What is the link to the Church in the physical world – needed exemplvis a bishop of the Internet as his domain? The issue has a direct link to the Anglican Church (and Church of Sweden) have traditionally been tied to a geographically distinct area. Another issue concerned the Holy Sacrament and management – how, it is the possibility to celebrate communion in SL, or perform baptisms? And this is, inter alia, whether the priest must be physically present at the act and how far blessing reaches – reaches across geographical location and digital representations?

    So in short, I think I am in my intensive week received concrete example of what SL is contributing. I meet people I do not see otherwise and have the opportunity to take part of others’ lives and worlds. Similarly worship celebration communities arise spontaneously, and on private initiative. I attended a prayer, which I hardly had done in the so-called real life. And also viewed questions and answers session that SL certainly beg many questions that the “real” church must address.

    By the way: I checked also by the place called Hell (which I hardly done in the “reality”. It looked like a hard disk from the 80’s with burning things, turn upside down cross, lava flows, the pentagram, and so on. It was a little funny that they leased the place where – “Hell … for rent”, it was on the signs. It was pretty funny.

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  4. Thanks for this, Mark. I wasn’t able to be present at the service but it’s great to be able to listen in later.

    Some great questions being asked. All we need now are the answers! šŸ™‚ Hopefully the next session in Guildford will help us get a few underway.

    Exciting times.

  5. I appreciate your comment Francis/Patrick! Really appreciated. God bless,


  6. Mark,

    Excellent Question and Answers Sunday. I just
    got done listening to it again, it was very
    insightful and thought provoking in many ways.

    RL Patrick

  7. Yes – wonderful potential, virtualnexus!
    A youth worker friend has already expressed to me what a great resource he thinks this can be for keeping in touch with those who go off to university..

  8. Great to here from you ‘virtualnexus’! Let me know if we can assist in any way.

    In Christ,

    Rev Mark

  9. Excellent and informative post raising more than a few mind-boggling questions and scenario’s. Will bring this initiative to the awareness of contacts in the Baptist Union (UK) if they arn’t already aware of it. What potential for organizations like the UCCF.
    Talk about uncharted territory….!

    main blog at

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