The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


Helene Milena (Ailsa Wright) – Worship Leader, Prayer Team Member and Bible Study Leader


I am a self-employed part-time teacher and a counsellor qualified to offer counselling both face to face and online. I am an Anglican (Church of England) in real life and have been active in many churches since I became a Christian at the age of 6.

I am currently very involved in my local Anglican church, where I am secretary to the PCC (Church Council). On Sundays I help in the service by reading, leading prayers or taking the role of altar server or liturgical deacon. I co-ordinate a team which assists at weddings.

I have been involved in online church since May 2005. The potential of offering church online has surely not yet been fully explored. I feel privileged to be involved in this Fresh Expression (Emerging) church and am committed to developing online Christian ministry as a complement to face to face church. I lead the ministry of Anglicans of Second Life, chairing real time and asynchronous meetings of the Leadership Team. Within our Second Life ministry I lead worship, offer pastoral care/counselling and am a member of the Prayer Ministry Team. You can contact me by email at ailsa [at]

ZoeRose Eiren (Mary Ailes) – Technical Team Member, Prayer Team Member

Profiles-ZoeRoseI was raised as a 4th generation Christian Scientist, but as a teenager I began attending a Christian coffeehouse in San Diego where I heard the Gospel presented in a fresh and life-changing way.  Following high school, I walked into my first Episcopal Church.  I was blown away by the blend of historic liturgical worship, dynamic Spirit-filled prayer and singing, and strong biblical preaching and was received into the Episcopal Church in 1985 .  Since then I have served in staff and leadership positions in Episcopal and Anglican churches as well as in the local diocese.

I have attended six General Conventions of the Episcopal Church and the 2008 Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England. In 2006 my parish voted to separate from The Episcopal Church and is now a member of the Anglican Church in North America.  I see the ministry at the Anglican Cathedral of Second LIfe as a unique fresh expression of our faith in a most unique and creative setting where we have the amazing opportunity to re-establish friendships in the worldwide Anglican Communion as we reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to the world in Second Life.  I love to write, play the guitar and piano, collect films, and attend Bob Dylan concerts.  You may email me at zoeroseeiren [at]

Charlie12string Lax (Charlie Northcroft) – Worship Leader, Prayer Team Member, Pastoral Team Member


I am originally from New Zealand, but have lived in Australia for many years, but am still staunchly a Kiwi at heart! I lived in an ecumenical Christian community for 24 years where I ran our little hobby farm enterprise and was part of the leadership team.

I am now retired and living in a little country town near Canberra, where I am actively involved with our local Anglican church, having served on the parish council and occasionally preached when our minister had to go away. For several years I also used to take Scripture lessons in our local primary school. I have also looked after an AOG church for a short time in outback Australia, where I got the nickname “Charlie12string,” because I play a 12string guitar. You can contact me at charlie12string [at]

Joyous Schism (Judith Avery) – Worship Leader, Prayer Team Member, Bible Study Leader

Profiles-JoyousI grew up the daughter of a Methodist minister. I now live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, where I’m a member of St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church. I’m quite active at St. Clare’s, serving on various committees, ushering, lay reading, and such. I’ve served on various committees in the Diocese of Michigan, including the Commission on Ministry, which works with people seeking ordination. I recently retired from quite a lot of years as a librarian at University of Michigan.

One of the first Second Life places I got involved in when I first logged in was Epiphany Cathedral, which I saw as a wonderful opportunity for connecting with Anglicans from around the world. I very much enjoy the Bible study that happens before the main Sunday service, where we spend time getting to know each other as well as discussing the gospel lesson of the day. We meet at 10:30 Sunday outside the cathedral and would be really happy to have you join us.

Wave Rodenberger (Olaf F.) – Worship Leader, Social Team Member

Profiles-WaveSince my baptism I have belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. Through a classmate, who also became my best friend, I found my way to God.

Later I moved to a different Catholic church and was active there for several years in youth work. This work ranged from short hikes together in the school holidays, evenings of music and literature to the preparation of youth worship. After a break, I found myself in a Free Evangelical Church, which even today I still attend irregularly. I have several different interests. The most important are: music, theater, literature, lighting and sound.

My main concern is to bring the love of God to the people I meet, which I manage more practically than theoretically. I’ve been thinking a long time about whatever way I could get involved here in the Anglican church and am very happy that I have been called to this task now.

Ana Stubbs *- Churchwarden

mermaidpicI joined Second Life in 2007, and have been part of the Anglicans of Second Life community almost since it began, to the surprise of a few visitors who weren’t expecting to meet a mermaid.

I am deeply interested in the creative side of SL, and am a confident builder and scripter within the virtual world. Before I swam into SL, I was heavily involved on a volunteer basis with “The Student Room”, a UK-based academic discussion forum and online resource for school and university students.

In the offline world, I am a part-time distance learning student, studying for a physics degree. I live in the North of England, and attend a local Anglican church. I can be emailed at ana.m.stubbs [at]

* Real life name withheld but given to the Leadership Team.

Klaus Bereznyak (Seymour Jacklin) – Leadership Team Member

Klaus1Having begun life in Zimbabwe, I have moved progressively north to settle in Durham, UK, where the climate is more suited to my genes. Since graduating from university with a BA in Anthropology, I’ve spent a two years as a pastoral assistant in a local church, seven years training and practicing as a psychiatric nurse, and the last five years freelancing as a writer and editor.

I was baptised, confirmed and raised in the Anglican church and, although God has always been very real to me, I came to really own my faith aged 17, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated school chaplain. I’m now thoroughly involved in the ministry of a local community church where I serve on the pastoral, worship, youth and men’s ministry teams, lead a house group and occasionally preach.

The rhythms of prayer and worship at Epiphany have become a rich aspect of my discipleship and an expression of my Anglican roots and heritage. The diverse and friendly community that meets there is a wonderful representation of the grace of Christ for all in the strange and marvelous virtual world of Second Life.

Heatherly Addens (Helga Zahn)

Profiles-HeatherlyBaptized as a member of the evangelical church, I live in Germany. In my family are several ministers – one of them my brother who lives with his family in Edinburgh, Scotland. Through him I came to a “living faith” at the age of 14 and have had several roles in church since then. First I was leading a church group for children aged from 8-14 years. As I had to stop that because of a new job I started to join a young adults group myself out of which a bible study group developed to which I still belong today. A few years ago I started to lead a children‘s church group within a team. The children are aged from 3-13 years and I enjoy the work with them very much.

When I came to Epiphany I was fascinated by the daily prayers which I did not know in that form before and by the many friendly people I met. As I love to get to know new people I enjoy welcoming and introducing them to Epiphany as a Cathedral Welcomer. I am happy to have the opportunity to help the Worship Leader Team with the German or English Evening Prayer. My prayers include the wish to be able to show the light of Jesus through my life to others. I love to pray for all who want me to do so as I believe that God listens to our prayers and wants the best for us, his beloved children.