The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Worship Leaders Job Description

Worship Leaders:

  • Work under the authority of the Leadership Team.
  • Must consult the Leadership Team beforehand about any proposed change in service format.
  • Must agree with our vision statement and doctrinal statement. (You can read our complete vision statement here.)
  • Must have been active in the community for at least three months, possibly reading in current services.
  • Should be familiar with authorized and approved forms of service either from experience in real life or by attending our services in Second Life.
  • Must provide a real life name and avatar photo to the community via the blog.
  • Give a brief bio on the blog (and real life photo if wished).
  • Must provide a real life reference to the Leadership Team.
  • Must have a human avatar of the same gender as the person.
  • Have a probationary period and regular reviews.
  • Anyone who is to preach should be licensed in real life (or be approved by one of our consulting bishops).

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