The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Technical Team Job Description

The Technical Team

The Technical Team…

  • Works under the authority of the Leadership Team, in particular the churchwarden.
  • Acts as consultants to the Leadership Team, contributing advice on any proposals made by members of the LT or community.
  • Advises the community on security issues/vulnerabilities for the sim or individuals, as well as changes in technology within Second Life and their implications.
  • Makes suggestions to the Leadership Team which aim to improve, simplify, or make more efficient what we offer technically on the sim, blog or other interfaces with the public.
  • Offers technical support to newbies (in addition to the general support offered by members of the community).
  • Completes work requested by members of Leadership Team in order to support the life of the community.
  • Maintains an awareness of the sim, fixing and/or reporting any problems.

Members of the Technical Team…

  • Must agree with our vision statement and doctrinal statement. (You can read our complete vision statement here.)
  • Must have been active in the community for at least three months.
  • Must be well known to at least two members of the Leadership Team.
  • Must have the necessary technical knowledge.
  • Must agree to Second Life name and avatar picture going on the blog.
  • Are encouraged to write a short bio for the blog but not required to do so.
  • Must be prepared to gain familiarity with the sim, the blog, the Facebook page, etc.
  • Give edit perms on their objects to the Churchwarden and other Technical Team members.
  • Should take on specific tasks where appropriate, either one-off or regular tasks
  • Should have a probationary period and regular reviews

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