The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

The Technical Team

Icon - TechnicalThe Technical Team acts as a Deputy Churchwarden, helping the Churchwarden to carry out the tasks necessary to keep the life of the community running smoothly.

If you are interested in being a member of this team please read the Technical Team Job Description.

ZoeRose Eiren (Mary Ailes)

Profiles-ZoeRoseI was raised as a 4th generation Christian Scientist, but as a teenager I began attending a Christian coffeehouse in San Diego where I heard the Gospel presented in a fresh and life-changing way.  Following high school, I walked into my first Episcopal Church.  I was blown away by the blend of historic liturgical worship, dynamic Spirit-filled prayer and singing, and strong biblical preaching and was received into the Episcopal Church in 1985 .  Since then I have served in staff and leadership positions in Episcopal and Anglican churches as well as in the local diocese.

I have attended six General Conventions of the Episcopal Church and the 2008 Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England. In 2006 my parish voted to separate from The Episcopal Church and is now a member of the Anglican Church in North America.  I see the ministry at the Anglican Cathedral of Second LIfe as a unique fresh expression of our faith in a most unique and creative setting where we have the amazing opportunity to re-establish friendships in the worldwide Anglican Communion as we reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to the world in Second Life.  I love to write, play the guitar and piano, collect films, and attend Bob Dylan concerts.  You may email me at zoeroseeiren [at]

Ana Stubbs *

mermaidpicI joined Second Life in 2007, and have been part of the Anglicans of Second Life community almost since it began, to the surprise of a few visitors who weren’t expecting to meet a mermaid.
I am deeply interested in the creative side of SL, and am a confident builder and scripter within the virtual world. Before I swam into SL, I was heavily involved on a volunteer basis with “The Student Room”, a UK-based academic discussion forum and online resource for school and university students.
In the offline world, I am a part-time distance learning student, studying for a physics degree. I live in the North of England, and attend a local Anglican church. I can be emailed at ana.m.stubbs [at]

* Real life name withheld but given to the Leadership Team.



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