The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Lay Pastor Job Description

The Lay Pastor

In addition to the responsibilities of being a Leadership Team member, the Lay Pastor

  • Is appointed by and for a period agreed by those with Episcopal oversight, after consultation with the Leadership Team.
  • Must be Anglican, lay or ordained.
  • Must be accountable to the bishop(s), and report to them on the ministry of Anglicans of Second Life. (There is currently no bishop to report to.)
  • Liaises with Chair, Vice Chair, Churchwarden, Secretary and Treasurer to ensure correct procedures are followed and necessary work is completed.
  • Gives authorization to those leading services.
  • Provides one-to-one pastoral care of members.
  • Reports to the community on decisions made by the Leadership Team
  • Acts as the public face of Anglicans of Second Life, shared withChair, Vice Chair, Churchwarden or others, at conferences, interviews, etc.
  • Communicates with other groups both within and without Second Life on behalf of Anglicans of Second Life.

He or she should also

  • Help each Leadership Team member to use their talents and interests in their work on the Leadership Team.
  • Support key volunteers.
  • Maintain an overview of all that is going on throughout Anglicans of Second Life.
  • Foster a sense of coherence, unity and purpose.
  • Participate in the life of Anglicans of Second Life, by attending bible studies, discussions, worship.

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