The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Churchwarden Job Description

The Churchwarden

In addition to the responsibilities of being a LT member, the Churchwarden

  • Should be a different person from the Lay Pastor and Vice Chair.
  • Is appointed by the LT and responsible to the LT and the Bishop.
  • Is responsible for the day to day functioning of the Cathedral ministry, in co-operation with the Lay Pastor.
  • Is a member of the Standing Committee.
  • Is considered to be the leading lay member of the congregation.

Is a contact person for the group, both within the community and for outside inquiries

Provides the LT with regular updates on property, alterations and repairs.

Has primary responsibility for dealing with disturbances during events and services (griefers).

He or she should also

  • Have good technical expertise
  • Meet regularly with the Lay Pastor.
  • Deal with unexpected problems and add to the general well-being of the community.
  • Welcome and assist visitors to the sim, such as newcomers, researchers, guest preachers, media, or even bishops.
  • Coordinate coverage for services and events
  • Utilize the extra skills provided by the Technical Team for the benefit of the community
  • Give edit permissions on his/her objects to the Technical Team.

He or she should ensure the smooth running of the Cathedral, the sim and other aspects of the ministry. This work includes but is not limited to:

  • Provision of items needed for services, such as candles or video screens, at the request of Worship Leaders
  • Management of land and estate settings
  • Management of  group roles and settings
  • Diagnosis and repair of sim problems
  • Set up and maintenance of scripted tools, such as HippoVISIT or notecard dispensers
  • Landscaping and terraforming, including seasonal landscaping and décor
  • Purchase of items needed within the budget provided
  • Updating of signage and notecards on the sim
  • Sending out weekly and special events notices
  • Training of new volunteers.
  • Maintenance of the blog.

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