The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Leadership Team Job Description

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team…


  • Functions to oversee worship services, provision of pastoral care, administration.
  • Discusses policy and develops working documents for the day-to-day operations of the ministry.
  • Plans events, oversees development of new features and the overall ongoing development of the ministry.
  • Identifies the assets and talents of members; suggests and appoints candidates to fill various roles.
  • Provides training to those undertaking various roles.
  • Brings ideas, issues, questions and concerns from the community to the Leadership Team.
  • Meets in real time (no more frequently than bimonthly)
  • Discusses matters pertaining to the ministry in a Leadership Team discussion forum.

Members of the Leadership Team…

  • Are appointed by members of the current Leadership Team.
  • Must agree with our vision statement and doctrinal statement which includes recognition of the Episcopal oversight. (Currently we have no bishop with oversight of our ministry.) (You can read our complete vision statement here.)
  • Must have been active in the community for at least three months.
  • Must be well known to at least two members of the Leadership Team.
  • Must give real life name to the rest of the team.
  • Must give a brief bio on the blog.
  • Must maintain the confidentiality of Leadership Team discussions until details are given in reports to the community.
  • Should be familiar with the various aspects of our ministry.
  • Must be prepared to gain familiarity with the sim, the blog, the Facebook page, etc.
  • Must gain familiarity with using the high level of abilities which come with this role.
  • Must actively engage with discussions in the Leadership Team forum unless circumstances prevent this.
  • Should demonstrate accountability to one another in fulfilling their duties, engaging with other Leadership Team members and the community.
  • Should be active in the community, attending services and events.
  • Should take on specific tasks where appropriate, either one-off or regular tasks within the Leadership Team.
  • Should uphold decisions made by the Leadership Team.
  • Are encouraged to add other volunteers to their friends list.
  • Should not come to Epiphany using an alt, except if this is a recognized one i.e. a treasurer alt.
  • Should not bring our ministry into disrepute by their actions elsewhere, including other social media.
  • Should not make statements contrary to our vision and doctrinal statements on other social media.


The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee …

  • Makes decisions if a situation requires an immediate response.
  • Reports the decision to the Leadership Team as soon as possible.
  • At least one member of the Standing Committee on any occasion must be Chair, Vice-Chair, Churchwarden or Lay Pastor
  • Must include at least three members of the Leadership team in any decision making.

In addition to the above, there are special requirements for various roles within the Leadership Team:

Lay Pastor


Chair/Vice Chair



Communications Officer


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