The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Social Team Job Description

The Social Team

The Social Team…

  • Works under the authority of the Leadership Team.
  • Plans various social events for the AoSL community, either on or off the sim.
  • Should bring plans to the Leadership Team for general approval but then take responsibility for organizing and advertising the events.
  • Should co-ordinate with the Technical Team, particularly the Church Warden, in order to avoid any negative impact on the sim and to gain any technical support needed.
  • Should bring any proposals for expenditure to the Leadership Team for approval.


Members of the Social Team…

  • Must agree with our vision statement and doctrinal statement.
  • Must have been active in the community for at least three months.
  • Must be well known to at least two members of the Leadership Team.
  • Must agree to SL name and avatar picture going on the blog.
  • Are encouraged to write a short bio for the blog but not required to do so.
  • Should have a probationary period and regular reviews.

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