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The Social Team arranges social events both on and off Epiphany Island so that the community members of Anglicans of Second Life can spend time together enjoying the various activities Second Life offers.

If you would like to be a member of the Social Team please read the Social Team Job Description.

Heatherly Addens (Helga Zahn)

Profiles-HeatherlyBaptized as a member of the evangelical church, I live in Germany. In my family are several ministers – one of them my brother who lives with his family in Edinburgh, Scotland. Through him I came to a “living faith” at the age of 14 and have had several roles in church since then. First I was leading a church group for children aged from 8-14 years. As I had to stop that because of a new job I started to join a young adults group myself out of which a bible study group developed to which I still belong today. A few years ago I started to lead a children‘s church group within a team. The children are aged from 3-13 years and I enjoy the work with them very much.

When I came to Epiphany I was fascinated by the daily prayers which I did not know in that form before and by the many friendly people I met. As I love to get to know new people I enjoy welcoming and introducing them to Epiphany as a Cathedral Welcomer. I am happy to have the opportunity to help the Worship Leader Team with the German or English Evening Prayer. My prayers include the wish to be able to show the light of Jesus through my life to others. I love to pray for all who want me to do so as I believe that God listens to our prayers and wants the best for us, his beloved children.

Wave Rodenberger (Olaf F.)

Profiles-WaveSince my baptism I have belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. Through a classmate, who also became my best friend, I found my way to God.

Later I moved to a different Catholic church and was active there for several years in youth work. This work ranged from short hikes together in the school holidays, evenings of music and literature to the preparation of youth worship. After a break, I found myself in a Free Evangelical Church, which even today I still attend irregularly. I have several different interests. The most important are: music, theater, literature, lighting and sound.

My main concern is to bring the love of God to the people I meet, which I manage more practically than theoretically. I’ve been thinking a long time about whatever way I could get involved here in the Anglican church and am very happy that I have been called to this task now.



Patapon Monday

Patapon Monday

Michael Fantolini


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