The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Pastoral Team

Icon - PastoralMembers of our community need pastoral support or counselling at times to help them deal with issues in their lives. Those offering this on Epiphany Island are either ordained with considerable experience of pastoral care or qualified in counselling.

If you are interested in being part of the Pastoral Team please read the Pastoral Team Job Description.

Helene Milena (Ailsa Wright)

Profiles-HeleneI am a self-employed part-time teacher and a counsellor qualified to offer counselling both face to face and online. I am an Anglican (Church of England) in real life and have been active in many churches since I became a Christian at the age of 6.

I am currently very involved in my local Anglican church, where I am secretary to the PCC (Church Council). On Sundays I help in the service by reading, leading prayers or taking the role of altar server or liturgical deacon. I co-ordinate a team which assists at weddings.

I have been involved in online church since May 2005. The potential of offering church online has surely not yet been fully explored. I feel privileged to be involved in this Fresh Expression (Emerging) church and am committed to developing online Christian ministry as a complement to face to face church. I lead the ministry of Anglicans of Second Life, chairing real time and asynchronous meetings of the Leadership Team. Within our Second Life ministry I lead worship, offer pastoral care/counselling and am a member of the Prayer Ministry Team. You can contact me by email at ailsa [at]

Charlie12string Lax (Charlie Northcroft)Profiles-Charlie

Originally from New Zealand, I have lived in an ecumenical Christian community in Australia for 24 years where I ran our little hobby farm enterprise and was part of the leadership team. I am now retired and living in a little country town near Canberra, where I am actively involved with our local Anglican church, serving on the parish council and occasionally preaching when our minister has to go away. I play a 12string guitar and also take Scripture lessons in our local primary school. You can contact me at 12string [at]

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