The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Bible Study Leaders

Icon - Bible StudyWe currently have a Bible Study every week which is conducted in text only. We usually discuss the gospel passage for the day. During Lent we follow a Lent course.

If you are interested in being a Bible Study or Discussion Leader please read the Bible Study/Discussion Leader Job Description.

Joyous Schism (Judith Avery)

Profiles-JoyousI grew up the daughter of a Methodist minister. I now live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, where I’m a member of St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church. I’m quite active at St. Clare’s, serving on various committees, ushering, lay reading, and such. I’ve served on various committees in the Diocese of Michigan, including the Commission on Ministry, which works with people seeking ordination. I recently retired from quite a lot of years as a librarian at University of Michigan.

One of the first Second Life places I got involved in when I first logged in was Epiphany Cathedral, which I saw as a wonderful opportunity for connecting with Anglicans from around the world. I very much enjoy the Bible study that happens before the main Sunday service, where we spend time getting to know each other as well as discussing the gospel lesson of the day. We meet at 10:30 Sunday outside the cathedral and would be really happy to have you join us.

MimseyBorogove Susanowa (Caryn Wesner-Early)

Profiles-MimseyMy family has a history of religious discussion and exploration, and we’ve taken different paths to different relationships with God.  I was baptized Methodist as an infant, then changed to Presbyterian at the age of nine when my dad got a job teaching at a Presbyterian high school.

When I was in 7th-8th grade, my church had all the kids in my age group attend Communicants’ Class, to teach us church history, doctrine, etc.  I wasn’t sure I could believe it all, and stand up in front of God and everyone and say, “I believe in God the Father Almighty…,” so I became the first person in the church’s 40-year history not to join at the end of CC.  (There’s a fuller description here: During junior high, I swung back and forth a bit – I was agnostic, then dabbled (lightly) in witchcraft, at which time I internalized the concept of Satan.  I figured that if there was someone totally evil, I’d better line up on the other side, and spent a fair amount of high school as a holy roller.

In college, I came in as a holy roller, but it wasn’t as big a part of my social life as it had been in high school.  After attending a church service in which the minister, with a broad Oklahoma accent, declared that sinners would be “cast nekkid into the flame,” I sort of put the whole issue on the back burner for a couple of years.  Then, in April of 1979, after I sought out and attended a service at Oklahoma City’s Metropolitan Community Church, God came and spent a week with me.  Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, God was there with me, interacting, commenting, responding to my questions and actions with actual words (but not actual voice, if you get the difference).  God said that I should do what I was planning in the knowledge that I was on the right track, and that whenever I contemplated veering off, God would step in to let me know that that was wrong.  I was also given to know that this close relationship was only temporary, and that in the future, I wouldn’t be able to feel this closeness, but needed to remember that God was still there with me.

This was the formational experience of my adult life, and I’ve tried to live since as God wants me to.  I’ve been Episcopalian since 1980.  For the past several years, the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life has been my church, and I want to contribute to it and to its ministry.  I know that God is with me, and want to share this presence with fellow believers.  SLAngCath has been my means of doing this, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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