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Conversation & Cake #11

Conversation & Cake is a monthly meeting on Epiphany Island when I share what has been happening in our ministry and listen to views and ideas from members of our community. Here is the report from the 7th April meeting. Comments made by those present are given in italics:

We had an excellent turn out to Conversation and Cake #11. Some could only stay for a short while but it was very encouraging to note the interest in our life as a community. Below is the report I gave, with comments and additions in italic.

As usual I will report on various aspects of our ministry. Do feel free to add comments, ask questions and make suggestions as we go along.

Beginning with finances, by the end of February we had raised 62% of our annual goal, so about 8% of our annual goal in the month which is very good for a month. However as other months had fallen below target that still left a lot to raise. At the end of March we had collected 75% of our annual goal of L$1068375. This has left us with L$263556 to collect in two months ready to pay our tier. Cady has divided that in two, for the two remaining months, giving us a target for April of L$131778, 4% of which had been raised by earlier today. Time is short but we can still achieve what we need to do.

Ana pointed out that we had 6% of our month’s target as we were meeting. Czari was sure we could hit the annual target. She also asked a question I was unable to answer: Does it give the Cathedral more with donating in world or PayPal? Ana thought that those in Europe get Value Added Tax added to the calculation. The PayPal account can be found by looking on the blog under Finances. 

Last time we had suggestions about fundraising in order to achieve what we need. We need volunteers to arrange such events. Vaino has offered another social time at the pub with donations going to Anglicans of SL. A concert and contests have been suggested also. We have had the offer of an art exhibition and auction also. I have no details yet but will be following this up as I think that could be very good. The advantage that has is that we have no only the idea but the offer of running it. For the other items we still need a social team I think.

Czari has offered to teach some classes and have donations go to Epiphany. She is considering using the Community Center for this which would bring new people to Epiphany.

Yhishara wondered how the art auction would work. As far as I know various people will donate their work which can be purchased. It’s likely it would be displayed in the Cathedral courtyard. Yhishara is interested in contributing. It could be that other members of our community would also like to do so. Continue reading

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Conversation and Cake #2

Refreshments provided by Cady to help the conversation

Here, rather late I’m afraid, is the report on our last Conversation and Cake get together on Sunday 15 April.

At the last conversation we had talked about finance. At the time of this meeting it was apparent that we will not meet our target in order to pay the tier for the year 2012-2013 which falls due in May. We are probably short of about $1000. The target seen in world has been high because we set a budget to try to provide for the future and to account for increases in prices. As things stand, we will not have raised what we actually need, with no contingency built in. The way to manage is to borrow some money effectively from the months to come but that means that by this time next year we will need to have raised the tier for the year plus the $1000 borrowed. When we consider that in September 2010 Linden Lab suddenly doubled the tier we had to find, I think we did very well as a community to collect what we needed. It has been quite a difference to adapt to. We really appreciate all the generous donations we receive.

Our current source of income is donations. As we have not yet been able to fulfill our hope to become a charity, we cannot apply for grants or claim tax rebates as can be done in some countries. It was suggested that a church seeing us as a mission extension would be good. I have followed up two contacts which members of our community have suggested but so far had no response. It would be wonderful to work with RL churches, providing their members with all that we enjoy in addition to RL church.  Continue reading

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Recruiting for the work

praying-before-the-cross.jpgOver the past number of weeks I have had numerous conversations with people interested in assisting in ministry with the Anglican Group. What is so exciting is that we are starting from scratch. There are no set patterns of doing ministry in SL, so we have to assess the needs, see what talents we have available and then develop appropriate responses. Already I have participated in several significant pastoral encounters including one where a business owner in SL shared in some depth her pain around her hyper-busy lifestyle. I was able to provide a ‘listening ear’ and my offer a commitment to pray which she welcomed. I have also had the opportunity to share about my faith on a number of occasions. (The above image is of the Good Friday exhibit.).

So if you are interested in being more actively involved please IM me or leave a comment.