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If You Can’t Go To Church In Person Go To An Online Church

Have there been times you just couldn’t get to church. Or you have had an accident and just can’t get out of the house. What if you are wheelchair bound and just can’t get to church. Or you are in a strange country where you just don’t know where the church is. Or you are in a country where going to church is banned and you are risking the death penalty. And long as the internet hasn’t been blocked then you can make it to church. But we don’t recommend risking your life. If you are going to do that make sure your history is switched off and nothing can be stored on your computer. And just remember nothing is private on the internet.

If you are stuck and just can’t make it to church. Well now you can.

A few clicks and you can be in a church and if you can line up the times you can make it to a Mass. There is one problem with going to an online church you just can’t make it to Holy Communion. But you still have community. After church you can still have a chat. After Mass we stop for a chat outside the entrance on the courtyard. At the moment most people use typing chat, I’m hoping that will change to voice chat. In the Chapel for Morning Prayer we use voice chat as there is not many people there. After Church I usually go to the Ivory Tower Library of Primatives Sandbox to talk and meet people. Plenty of space to talk without too many people listening in.

Now the online church I go to is in Second Life a type of alternative life you can live in on the internet. When you look at the homepage you could easily get the impression that it is just a glorified online game. But it is more than that. You have to download a program onto your computer so the program will run. I’m usually a bit cautious about downloading stuff I’m not sure of, especially game stuff but I have no problems it didn’t try to hijack my homepage or anything like that.

And once you are inworld a whole new world opens up for you to explore. If you are shy or introverted you can live behind your avatar and come out of your shell, because no one can see you and you can redefine your comfort zone. At the Little Chapel for Morning Prayer I sometimes do the one of the Readings from the Bible and you can do. So if you have always wonted to do the one of the Readings in church, now is your chance. I’ve always wondered how I sound coming out in the Little Chapel. Because everybody’s sound system is different I would probably sound different on all computers.

Also it is a dream come true for people with physical disabilities. In the movie “Avatar” the guy could walk around in the virtual world but in reality he was confined to a wheelchair and it could be the same for you. In this world you are what you can be so if you can’t leave your house the virtual world is open to you. Give Second Life a look, it’s free. I’ve been inworld for years now and if you don’t want to spend any money you don’t have too. You can come and go as you please, as often as you like without paying anything.

There is a money system available “Linden dollars” if you want to get into the commerce side of things. And don’t worry about your age all avatars look young. And what’s an old dude like me doing playing around on the internet. Well to be honest I think I could be one of the young ones. In the virtual world age doesn’t matter, you just have to be there to meet the people. I’ve never had any problems there but the same internet rules apply. Don’t give away your personal information and you will be okay.

I went looking for a church one Easter because I couldn’t make it to my church. So I checked out the internet and it took me a while to get the times figured out and now I go as often as I can.

Second Life is huge and it is very easy to get lost in there. After you have signed up and downloaded everything and you are ready to go. I would go to “World” on the top toolbar and from the dropdown menu click on “Search” and you end up on the “Events” page. If you want to find something to do just browse the “Events” but then you have to line up the times. The “Events” are where you meet people.

Now if you want to go to a real online live Mass you have to go to now this is another amazing part of the online world. Same as with Second Life you have to line up the times and you can sit in watching the Mass just like you are in a real Church. The cameras are usually just webcams and I think in some cases they are from the security system. It just depends on which church you go to. And again it is free. I love the internet. And there are plenty of Churches to go to. You can pick your language as well as the times. Church in Second Life is in English so far, where as in ustream it can be in any language. But inworld you can use any language you like, as long as you find somebody who speaks the same language.

Sometimes you might think some people are rude because they don’t talk to you but that is probably due to the wrong language.

Now to find a Church type Church or Churches in the search box, then click on “Everything” and from the dropdown menu click on “Places” then check “off” M for Mature and A for Adult, just search under “G” then hit the search button. That will give you over 100 results so you can either start going through the list or you could refine the search. Now to refine your search you have to click on “Search Home” and start again. This time type in Anglican Church and you should end up at the Cathedral I go to. Since Second Life is huge the learning curve can take some time but there are always people out there ready to help you. Just ask.

Well that’s it, now you have the Churches you can go to when you can’t go to Church. Once you are set up and know when the times match, Church is just a few clicks away.

See you in Church.

Peter Legrove

You can reprint this article anywhere as long as it is free, not changed and the resource box is intact. copyright(a) peter legrove 2012 all rights reserved


Second Life and Sacraments

We are now in a position to publish the paper which Bishop Christopher Hill has written on Second Life and Sacraments. This final version of the paper is the outcome of discussion with the Leadership Team and others, and is likely to be Bishop Christopher’s final contribution to the subject. We are hoping to hold discussions about the paper in world as its content is of interest to many.

This document forms the basis of our approach to sacraments in Second Life which you can read on our ‘The Vision’ page of this blog.

Second Life and Sacrament 4

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A further discussion on online sacraments

Some time ago there was a lot of discussion about online sacraments. This has begun again as a result of a survey which you might like to take part in:

There is also an article on the topic here: with links to other material on the topic.

Our position as a ministry at the Anglican Cathedral in SL is that we do not offer online sacraments.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor

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Join the conversation

At the Leadership Team meeting on 16 July we listened to a presentation on evangelism by ZoeRose Eiren. We revisited the material at our September meeting on Saturday. We were considering how we move forward as a result of what we had heard. We already know that, although we have taken Church into SL, once there we are mostly staying in one place rather than going to find the many who need to meet Jesus. We certainly meet and minister to many people already who come to Epiphany Island. Several of our community have brought friends to our services or have recommended that their friends should seek pastoral care from us. There is still much more that we could do.

We have decided that we will offer a Christian pastoral care/listening course beginning in November as part of our response. So many of those whom we meet need someone to listen to them. It’s good to feel confident that we are doing the right thing when we listen and respond. We hope this course will equip more people to minister to others in this way.

We are also going to continue the conversation and want as many of our community as possible to join in. We will announce times when we plan to meet to chat together. We hope there may also be impromptu conversations on the same subject, perhaps when we meet after services. There could also be conversation here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

The content of ZoeRose’s paper is given here for you to read and consider. Our hope is that we will together hear clearly what God is saying to us and have the courage to do as he asks.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor

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The Bread of Life!

Copyright MichaelM8 2009

Copyright MichaelM8 2009

Today’s readings focus on the lasting and abiding nature of the Life that God gives us through Jesus, the Bread of Life; it is real and true food and drink with an eternal outcome, as Jesus says: “the one who eats this bread will live forever.”

This is no ordinary bread! Yet, it is obvious too, that Christians do not possess the Holy Grail, we do suffer and we do die, like anyone else. What is it then to live forever?The perspective of God compared to our reality is very different, and yet here is also clear invitation to share in God’s life and perspective even though we are limited in our experience and expression of this reality. Continue reading

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Transforming Power

An excerpt from the Sermon by LouiB  Serendipity at the 8pm Saturday Service 8/8/09:

The Leadership team from the Anglicans of the Second Life Ministry is regularly meeting, and negotiating within the wider Anglican Communion to have this place of meeting and worship recognised.

However, the ultimate test of this community of the Anglicans of the Second Life, is not whether the broader Anglican Church recognises the ministry and relationships that are being forged here. It is in the fruit of the lives and relationships that are nurtured here.


How do we explore and understand these elements of Anglican Community in this context? I was going to say ‘virtual context’, but in writing the words I knew that this is the first hurdle we overcome.

This is only a virtual context if it is taken as an abstract thing, virtual meaning ‘not quite real’, or somehow a substitute for reality. However, in my experience, and I am sure the experience of everyone here, this is not a ‘virtual’ context, but a very real one for each of us.

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The Cathedral in the Media: BBC Radio 19th July

bbc_radio_wales_640_360This Sunday I have been a guest on BBC Radio speaking on the role of Christianity in the digital age. In a lively discussion, I was joined by Andrew Graystone, who  is Director of the Church and Media Network, Sara Speicher of WACC, and the Rev’d Keith Kimber, a Blogger and regular contributor to the programme.

The programme is on BBC i-player (for those who can access it):

It will also be available as a podcast: