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Second Life and Sacraments

We are now in a position to publish the paper which Bishop Christopher Hill has written on Second Life and Sacraments. This final version of the paper is the outcome of discussion with the Leadership Team and others, and is likely to be Bishop Christopher’s final contribution to the subject. We are hoping to hold discussions about the paper in world as its content is of interest to many.

This document forms the basis of our approach to sacraments in Second Life which you can read on our ‘The Vision’ page of this blog.

Second Life and Sacrament 4

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A further discussion on online sacraments

Some time ago there was a lot of discussion about online sacraments. This has begun again as a result of a survey which you might like to take part in:

There is also an article on the topic here: with links to other material on the topic.

Our position as a ministry at the Anglican Cathedral in SL is that we do not offer online sacraments.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor

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Join the conversation

At the Leadership Team meeting on 16 July we listened to a presentation on evangelism by ZoeRose Eiren. We revisited the material at our September meeting on Saturday. We were considering how we move forward as a result of what we had heard. We already know that, although we have taken Church into SL, once there we are mostly staying in one place rather than going to find the many who need to meet Jesus. We certainly meet and minister to many people already who come to Epiphany Island. Several of our community have brought friends to our services or have recommended that their friends should seek pastoral care from us. There is still much more that we could do.

We have decided that we will offer a Christian pastoral care/listening course beginning in November as part of our response. So many of those whom we meet need someone to listen to them. It’s good to feel confident that we are doing the right thing when we listen and respond. We hope this course will equip more people to minister to others in this way.

We are also going to continue the conversation and want as many of our community as possible to join in. We will announce times when we plan to meet to chat together. We hope there may also be impromptu conversations on the same subject, perhaps when we meet after services. There could also be conversation here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

The content of ZoeRose’s paper is given here for you to read and consider. Our hope is that we will together hear clearly what God is saying to us and have the courage to do as he asks.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor

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The Bread of Life!

Copyright MichaelM8 2009

Copyright MichaelM8 2009

Today’s readings focus on the lasting and abiding nature of the Life that God gives us through Jesus, the Bread of Life; it is real and true food and drink with an eternal outcome, as Jesus says: “the one who eats this bread will live forever.”

This is no ordinary bread! Yet, it is obvious too, that Christians do not possess the Holy Grail, we do suffer and we do die, like anyone else. What is it then to live forever?The perspective of God compared to our reality is very different, and yet here is also clear invitation to share in God’s life and perspective even though we are limited in our experience and expression of this reality. Continue reading

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Transforming Power

An excerpt from the Sermon by LouiB  Serendipity at the 8pm Saturday Service 8/8/09:

The Leadership team from the Anglicans of the Second Life Ministry is regularly meeting, and negotiating within the wider Anglican Communion to have this place of meeting and worship recognised.

However, the ultimate test of this community of the Anglicans of the Second Life, is not whether the broader Anglican Church recognises the ministry and relationships that are being forged here. It is in the fruit of the lives and relationships that are nurtured here.


How do we explore and understand these elements of Anglican Community in this context? I was going to say ‘virtual context’, but in writing the words I knew that this is the first hurdle we overcome.

This is only a virtual context if it is taken as an abstract thing, virtual meaning ‘not quite real’, or somehow a substitute for reality. However, in my experience, and I am sure the experience of everyone here, this is not a ‘virtual’ context, but a very real one for each of us.

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The Cathedral in the Media: BBC Radio 19th July

bbc_radio_wales_640_360This Sunday I have been a guest on BBC Radio speaking on the role of Christianity in the digital age. In a lively discussion, I was joined by Andrew Graystone, who  is Director of the Church and Media Network, Sara Speicher of WACC, and the Rev’d Keith Kimber, a Blogger and regular contributor to the programme.

The programme is on BBC i-player (for those who can access it):

It will also be available as a podcast:


Virtual Theology

As I noted in my recent post about the leadership transition at the Cathedral, we continue to have the interest and support of those bishops of the Anglican Communion who have been working with us on formalizing our standing within the wider church.  There will be a follow up meeting to discuss these matters  held in the UK in July.

Part of this work will involve taking a look at the theological issues surrounding the expression of Christianity in virtual worlds.  We have gotten off to a great start with Rev. Mark’s blog post on the conversation about virtual sacraments.  Below are some of the other questions that have arisen so far.

We would really like feedback from the community on these questions, and want to know what questions you have that we haven’t thought of yet!  I encourage you to share your comments here!!

  • What do you think are the most important questions facing Christians in Second Life?
  • What harms us spiritually in SL?
  • What can help heal us, help us and help us understand the gospel in SL?
  • To what extent does online life and culture allow us to behave in ways that would not be acceptable in RL?
  • What do you think are the most important theological questions facing the Anglican Cathedral in SL?
  • What does it mean for the cathedral to be Anglican?
  • What can you do in a RL church that you cannot do in a SL church?
  • Are we really “gathered” when we meet online?
  • What is the function of a virtual place of worship?
  • What is the relationship between worship in a RL faith community and worship within SL?
  • What is the role, if any, of evangelism in SL?


Virtual Holy Communion?

One of the key challenges with online worship is how to incorporate the Eucharist.  The Eucharist is a physical experience from witnessing the act to receiving bread and wine.  But it is also a spiritual experience in that the key action is invisible, caused by God who acts within the liturgy.   So would it be possible to have a virtual communion, a virtual sacrament?

The Revd Professor Paul S. Fiddes, who is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Oxford and Director of Research, Regent’s Park College, has just written a very interesting short paper called Sacraments in a Virtual World?

You can access a copy of the paper here. Your thoughts are welcome!

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Virtual Church? Really?

Virtual churchThis past weekend Revd Mark preached on the question he gets asked the most about the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life is, ‘How can a church online be a real church?’

To listen press play!

To subscribe to Rev Mark’s messages via iTunes click here.


Reflecting on the ministry of Anglicans of Second Life

I have recently been writing a paper for the Director of Ordinands in Wakefield Diocese, England, as part of my work in preparing to go to a selection panel to see if I may train as a priest. Some of the information in the paper is about me but the rest is more general and might be of interest to a wider audience though the purpose of writing it should be born in mind when reading it.

It is particularly important to recognise that in the stories of those who have benefitted from the ministry of Christians in SL; it is impossible to state that only one group has had an effect. I know that some of the work has been done as part of the specific ministry of AoSL, some by individuals, some by other churches or groups. To be even a small part of the stories given and others I could have used is a great privilege as we each seek to serve God in whatever way he guides us.


Helene Milena


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