The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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Report on Leadership Team meeting 13 January 2018

Here is a brief outline of what happened at the meeting which was attended by Helene Milena, Ana Stubbs, Klaus Bereznyak, Charlie12string Lax and Joyous Schism.

Ana reported on the early results from our survey ( The survey had been available for a week and received 26 responses, from a mix of regular members of Anglicans of SL and those who only pop in occasionally. Of these, quite a number had no other church apart from Epiphany. There had been some suggestions for activities, such as more dances and restoration of the Saturday discussion group. Some people had shared how Epiphany had been instrumental in their finding or deepening their faith. There has been a trickle of volunteers, some with a good idea of what they can offer and some not sure. All members of AoSL have received a notecard with details of where to find the survey. There are also boards around the sim to remind people.

Those who have volunteered will receive a personal invitation to attend one of the community meetings, which will be open to anyone who wishes to attend. The dates and times of these will be published shortly. Helene will not be at these meetings. The format of the meetings is likely to be partly giving information about roles within AoSL and also answering questions. There is likely to be an opportunity to explore further some of the questions posed in the survey.

We will begin preparing for things to be different after Helene’s retirement by looking at the format of the noon Sunday service. Others may lead; others may give a short reflection on the readings for the day; or a reflection from published sources may be used.

Celberon, who has previously been a worship leader, would like to start Evening Prayer again. This was agreed by the Leadership Team. It may initially be on an ad hoc basis. Celberon will send out a notice if he is available in the chapel to lead.

The next meeting of the Leadership Team is likely to be in mid-February after the community meetings have been held.

Helene Milena



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Celebration and Looking Forward

farewell exhibit_001

Hello all!

I’d like to give you all an update on the Leadership Team’s plans for this Saturday, and beyond.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, June 13, as we pay tribute to the Rev. Mark Brown on the occasion of his retirement from the leadership of the Anglicans of Second Life Group.  There will be a worship service at 8pm SLT, followed by a festive reception.  In celebration of Mark’s ministry with us, a photo exhibit has been installed in the cathedral courtyard, with images from the history of the SL Anglican Cathedral.  We invite you to visit this and also to share your thoughts and good wishes with Mark by means of a special mailbox set up in the courtyard near the photo exhibit.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Mark for all he has done for this community.  He has done a remarkable job in fostering the growth and development of this ministry.  We have been truly blessed to have drawn together such an amazing community.  I am very thankful that we have also been gifted with such a talented group of leaders, and honored to have the privilege to work with them.

The Leadership Team has been working hard to help ensure a smooth transition process.  Although we will not have a priest in charge at this time, we do not see this as an impediment to our work, as many emerging ministries are exploring new forms of leadership structure and making them work.  We continue to have the interest and support of those bishops of the Anglican Communion who have been working with us on formalizing our standing within the wider church, notably Bp. Thomas Brown of Wellington, NZ and Bp. Christopher Hill of Guildford, UK.  Mark will continue to serve us in an advisory capacity and will attend (along with Helene) a follow up meeting with the Bp. Hill and others next month.  Our plans include work toward having a Visiting Bishop formally appointed to oversee the Leadership Team, as well as continuing our work on formulating an Anglican Cathedral Constitution.

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