The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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God comes home

On 4th March 2018, the third Sunday of Lent, Helene Milena preached the following sermon in the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island in Second Life. The readings were Psalm 19, Exodus 20:1-17, and John 2:13-22.

Nearly thirty years ago some friends of ours from church found themselves homeless. The buyers of their house wanted to move in and our friends couldn’t take possession of their new house immediately. Fortunately, my family and I were just about to go away for a three-week holiday, so we offered our home to our friends.

When we returned our friends were still not able to move into their new home. We spent the next three weeks with two families, ten people in all, sharing our house. It was much busier than normal and meal times were quite a challenge, but we managed and quite missed our friends when they moved out. Continue reading

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What is dependable?

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

Our world can look solid and dependable. Buildings are made of hard materials; the earth is made of rock that stays put; we have machines and mechanisms to control our environments. Even in the past, when there was less technology, people were able to build with huge blocks of stone and make fabulous buildings like the Temple in Jerusalem. However Jesus warned his disciples that even such a wonderful and strong building as that would not last for long. We can’t depend on material goods for our security; our security should rest in Jesus who is always dependable and always present for us in times of trouble and of joy.

The readings for the service on 18th November were Psalm 16, Hebrews 10:11-25, Mark 13:1-8. My reflection follows:

When an expectant mother, particularly a first time expectant mother, is preparing for the birth of her child, one of the questions she is likely to ask is: How soon should I go to hospital when labour starts? Most advice suggests that once contractions are coming regularly every 5 minutes it is probably time to head to the hospital. Even if the expectant mother follows this advice precisely, there is no guarantee when her baby may be born. Some mothers will still be in labour for many hours once they arrive at the hospital; others may struggle to get there before the baby chooses to be born! The signs of labour can often, but not always, be recognised but the length of labour is very variable. It would be a very foolish midwife who would predict a precise time for a baby to be born. Continue reading


A temple not made with hands

Sunday 11 March is the Third Sunday of Lent. Today we looked at the story of Jesus cleansing the temple. The temple had occupied an important place in the life of the Jews but Jesus could see that it was being used wrongly. Far from being filled with the glory of God, it was filled with cattle, sheep, doves and money-changers, a marketplace rather than a place of worship. Those who witnessed Jesus’ actions were shocked. What they didn’t realise is that he himself was the new temple.

The readings in the Sunday service were 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 and John 2:13-22. My sermon follows:

The moon shining through the partially dismantled roof of the old cathedral.

Those of you who have been part of our community here for a few months will remember that this Cathedral is a new building. Our original building was something of an icon, having pushed the boundaries of building techniques in its time and won an award for SL architecture. Monty Merlin did a truly superb job in creating it. Though it was becoming a little dated in looks, the Cathedral still drew many to visit it, Christians and non-Christians. It was therefore with some trepidation that the attempt was made to create a new design. For many months Cady laboured and others commented, both the Leadership Team and as many of the community as were prepared to take a look. We even had a RL architect look it over! Continue reading