The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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Change is in the air

At our New Year Covenant Service yesterday, Helene made the following announcement:
Before we begin our service, I have some news to share with you. I have had a growing awareness for some time that I need to step back from being Lay Pastor of Anglicans of SL. Family commitments mean that I struggle to do all that I would like for this ministry. I have therefore informed the Leadership Team that I would like to retire from my position by mid-May at the latest which will be almost 9 years after I began my role. I would like to remain involved in this ministry in some way, but exactly how will be decided by the Leadership Team.
Obviously it’s necessary to work out what will happen in the future for AoSL. We are asking members to complete a survey so that we can find out their thoughts. This will be ready next week. We also need volunteers to join the Leadership Team and to take on some of the responsibilities of running this ministry. If the general opinion is that our ministry should cease, it will still be necessary to have a team to oversee that. Please complete the survey and prayerfully consider how you might be involved in this ministry. We will be having a series of meetings at the end of January and beginning of February when we can discuss together what might happen. Please feel free to contact any member of the Leadership Team directly if you want to discuss anything in the meantime.
It has been a huge privilege to lead worship here, to pray with those who need it and to lend a listening ear. I shall always be grateful for what I have been able to do. Now, if the ministry continues, it needs to be under new leadership, a team and a leader who can exploit the huge potential this ministry has to reach people with the Gospel.

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The end of an era

Gareth JanusThose who were present at the Sunday noon service will have heard Gareth Janus (RL Revd Dr Gareth Edwards) announce that he is stepping down from the Leadership Team of Anglicans of Second Life and also ceasing to lead worship. Gareth has many commitments in real life which leave him very busy indeed, hence his decision.

Gareth has been involved in the ministry of Anglicans of SL from the beginning and has led services for over five years. He is much loved by many of our community and will be greatly missed, though he assured those present on Sunday that he will still be around in SL.

Gareth’s final service will be on Sunday 17th March at 1pm SLT (note the different time due to clocks moving forward in North America). After the service we will have a celebration to which all are welcome.

Transitions are not easy. Gareth will leave a hole in our ministry which will take time to fill and the ministry will never be exactly as it is now. This is the end of an era, as was said on Sunday. However, God leads us onward to new and different things. While being sad to lose Gareth we can also be excited about whatever we will be doing in the future.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor



The following is a statement given by the Rev. Mark Brown (Arkin Ariantho) at the April 18 worship service at the Anglican Cathedral in SL:

Greetings in the name of our Lord,

This June will signify two and a half years of founding the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life and two years of offering worship services. Over that time we have grown to seven services, a discussion group, Bible Study and numerous fellowship, prayer and counseling encounters around the virtual Cathedral. And over that time the leadership of the ministry has matured into a robust and impressive leadership team.

The time has come for me to retire from active involvement in the Second Life Anglican ministry.  The plan is to remain involved in an advisory capacity. On the 14th of June I will be stepping down from the leadership team, leading services and in being involved in the day to day operations.  This decision is brought about due to increasing time pressures in my personal and professional life including a growing family and new responsibilities within my work and ministries.  I want to assure you that the ministry of the Anglican Cathedral in the virtual world will continue to flourish in this time of transition and beyond, under the expert guidance of the leadership team.

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