The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


A Call to the AoSL Community

I’d like to share with you the current status of the Anglicans of SL financial situation.  As you may know, each month we have set a donation goal amount equivalent to one month’s tier payment.  We have brought in an average of 84% of our monthly goal amounts for the past six months.  The donations have risen a bit within the past three months, to an average of 92% of our monthly goals.  We have been encouraged by this, and have been working hard to develop offerings that will bring in more community members and encourage further financial support of our ministry.  We weren’t quite where we wanted to be in terms of financial stability, but we felt we were in pretty good shape.

Yesterday we learned of some news that casts a very different light on things.  An announcement was made on the SL blog regarding land pricing for educational and non-profit land owners.  Currently, Linden Lab allows these organizations to purchase and maintain private region sims for half the price as that charged to other retail customers.  It was announced yesterday that this special pricing will end on December 31, 2010, after which time these organizations will be billed at the regular price.  This will, in effect, double our donation goals.

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