The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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God comes home

On 4th March 2018, the third Sunday of Lent, Helene Milena preached the following sermon in the Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island in Second Life. The readings were Psalm 19, Exodus 20:1-17, and John 2:13-22.

Nearly thirty years ago some friends of ours from church found themselves homeless. The buyers of their house wanted to move in and our friends couldn’t take possession of their new house immediately. Fortunately, my family and I were just about to go away for a three-week holiday, so we offered our home to our friends.

When we returned our friends were still not able to move into their new home. We spent the next three weeks with two families, ten people in all, sharing our house. It was much busier than normal and meal times were quite a challenge, but we managed and quite missed our friends when they moved out. Continue reading