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Holy Week on Epiphany Island

Anglicans on Epiphany Island are busy with special services in this most important week of the year, just as our counterparts are in offline churches throughout the world. Below are some pictures to give you a taste of what has happened in the last week.

On Palm Sunday Ana excelled herself as usual in decorating the sim with palm trees and palm branches. We met in the Peace Garden for the beginning of our service and then processed, along with a reluctant donkey, to the Cathedral where the rest of the service took place. In the garden we read the Palm Gospel Matthew 21:1-11 . In the cathedral the readings were Philippians 2:5-11 and the Passion Gospel which this year was a dramatised version of Matthew 26:14-27:66 . Continue reading



It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

People are different and that leads them to respond differently to events that happen to them. Christians are different from one another too, and always were, right back to the time of the disciples. In John’s Gospel we are told about Mary Magdalene, Peter and the beloved disciple (probably John) and how they reacted to the empty tomb on that first Easter morning. Each of us may react differently to the news of the resurrection, retold in this the most important season of the Church’s year.

The readings on Sunday were Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24, Isaiah 65:17-25, Acts 10:34-43 and John 20:1-18. Read on to find out more …

In the post-modern world we live in, many people don’t like to commit themselves to anything. Political parties, trades unions, clubs, churches find less people prepared to join, to declare themselves members. They are more likely to hover around the edges of things, ready to move off to something new when it seems right to them.

However, if someone does join an organisation they usually do so because they have something in common with the other members and want to share experiences with them. Those in a Dr Who fan club could assume that others want to talk about or blog about all things Dr Who related. Those joining in role play here in SL each want to enter into the same fantasy world and behave in a way that fits the particular fantasy.

Those who join a church have at least some connection with Jesus which is what we could say is in common. Beyond that, we are very different in so many ways. Our characters are different, our life experiences, how we understand the Gospel or even if we understand the Gospel. Our faith may be secure or wavering, mature or just in its infancy. When we say the creeds we may have very different understandings of just what we are declaring. Here on Epiphany Island, our community comprises those from all over the world and who are of many RL denominations. This might be their only church or just a supplementary church. Even if members are Anglican, there are enough differences among Anglicans to make it hard to see the similarities at times!

E0464This variation in the Christian family is nothing new. In the Gospels we meet many of Jesus’ followers and they are very different characters indeed. Their differences show up in their response to the events of Easter Day when Jesus rose from the dead.

The first person we meet on that Easter morning in John’s Gospel is Mary Magdalene. On seeing the stone rolled away from the entrance to Jesus’ tomb, she didn’t stay but rushed off, seemingly certain that the worst had happened: her beloved Lord’s body had been stolen. By whom, she knew not, but ‘they have taken the Lord out of the tomb’. In distress she ran to two of Jesus’ closest disciples. We have no idea what she expected of them but she obviously had to share this terrible news with someone. Continue reading


Services for Holy Week and Easter 2013

Here is a list of the services we will be holding over the week from Palm Sunday on 24th March until Easter Sunday on 31st March. The times are complicated a little this year by the fact that Daylight Saving Time begins in the UK and Europe in the early hours of Sunday 31st March. Please note the times very carefully, all given in SLT.

Palm Sunday 24th March

Morning Prayer               Midnight E0485

Bible Study                        11.30am

Cathedral Service           1pm

Compline                            6pm


Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th March

Morning Prayer               Midnight

Prayer During the Day  6am

Evening Prayer                1pm

Cathedral Worship         3pm (Wednesday only)

Maundy Thursday 28th March

E0476Morning Prayer               Midnight

Prayer During the Day  6am

Evening Prayer                1pm

Cathedral Service           3pm




Good Friday 29th MarchE0472

Morning Prayer               Midnight

Stations of the Cross       6am

Evening Prayer               1pm

Tenebrae                            3pm



Holy Saturday 30th March

E0463Morning Prayer               Midnight

Meditative service          6am

Evening Prayer               1pm

Easter Vigil                       3pm



Easter Sunday 31st MarchE0464

Morning Prayer               Midnight

Prayer During the Day  6am

Cathedral service            Noon

Compline                           6pm

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Holy Week and Easter 2011

Yesterday, led by Gareth, we waved palm branches as we processed from the Peace Garden to the Cathedral. Our progress was punctuated by shouts of ‘Hosanna!’ as we remembered Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. There was a festive air about the place. Today, the donkeys have departed from the Peace Garden and there is a tomb cut from rock with three crosses in the background. We are journeying with Jesus through his last week on earth as a man.

Our journey will be marked by special services. Each day there will be an extra service at 6am SLT in addition to our regular midnight and noon services. As the week progresses we will remember the story of Holy Week as the gospel writers give it to us.

On 21 April it is Maundy Thursday, the day when we recall the Last Supper which Jesus ate with his friends in the upper room. Here he demonstrated how we should serve one another as he washed the feet of his disciples. At the end of the 2pm service we will take away all the decoration on the altar, the candles, the bible, and leave everything bare. In doing this we symbolize what happened to Jesus that Thursday night when he was arrested. The removal of cloth coverings reminds us that Jesus was stripped and beaten by the Roman soldiers. Removing candles reminds us that for a short time, evil seemed to triumph and the Light of the World went out as Jesus’ human life ended.

On Good Friday at 6am SLT together we will walk with Jesus through Jerusalem to Golgotha as we meditate on the Stations of the Cross. Each station is illustrated around the walls of the Cathedral. We will walk from one to another, listen to a meditation and walk on. This is a service that people can join and leave as they wish. Even if you can only walk a short way with Jesus, do try to take that opportunity. The full service takes over an hour. At 2pm SLT our Tenebrae service (a service of shadows) will take place in the Cathedral. If you would like to read at this service, do let me know.

For those first disciples, for Mary and the women who followed Jesus, Saturday was a day of grief. All hope had died with Jesus. We will grieve with them in a meditative service for Holy Saturday at 6am SLT. At 2pm the same day, is the Easter Vigil when we drive back the darkness by lighting the new fire, the light of Christ, and we retell the story of salvation from Genesis onwards. Readers are needed for this service also.

Easter Sunday (24th April) is the climax of the Christian year. Christ has risen and we will celebrate together at midnight, 6am, noon and 6pm, with the main service being at noon in the Cathedral. Do come and rejoice that death has been conquered!

Please visit the Peace Garden and the tomb for a time of meditation during the week and afterwards.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor

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A Special Good Friday Service


A very special Service of Shadows (Tenebrae) is being offered at the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life this Good Friday. Recently recorded music from St Paul’s Cathedral in Wellington, New Zealand will be used.
You are invited to attend what will be a powerful and profound worship experience.

Good Friday; 12 pm SL time.

Feel free to bring a friend.

In Christ,

Revd Mark (Arkin)