The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


Conversation and Cake #5

On 29 July we held our fifth Conversation and Cake get together. Conversation & Cake is a monthly meeting on Epiphany Island when I share what has been happening in our ministry and listen to views and ideas from members of our community. Here is the report from the meeting. Comments made by those present are given in italics:

As usual, the refreshments were mouth-watering and calorie-free, courtesy of Cady’s virtual culinary expertise.

We began by talking about our finances. Collecting for the payment of our next tier in May 2013 had been underway for nearly two months. June was a very good month in which we raised 11% of our annual requirements rather than the 8.5% we would hope for. That allowed the monthly target for July to be lowered. However, as the month came to a close only 18% of that target had been raised, suggesting that future monthly targets would need to be raised. Around 60% of the monthly target needs to be raised in world, with progress being shown on the donations baskets and fonts around Epiphany Island. The rest comes from Paypal donations. A drop in donations in July and August is not unusual as it is a time for holidays/vacations in the northern hemisphere, resulting in less visitors to the sim.

Evening Prayer in German, held on Wednesdays at noon SLT, had run for two weeks. In the first week there were 6 in attendance and in the second week there were 9. Those there have come from several European countries, the USA and England. The service is a translation of the Common Worship Evening Prayer. The service sheet has both German and English wording on it to help those who don’t speak German. Continue reading