The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

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We are 10!!!

Anglicans of Second Life is ten years old. That is quite an achievement and well worth celebrating, which is what we are doing in July.

Throughout the month there will be displays of photos from our past. If you have been a member of our group in SL for some time you can take a trip down memory lane.

Events currently planned are:

  • Saturday 1 July 2-3pm. Canada Day dance hosted by our own Canadian superhero Captain Canuck!
  • Sunday 9 July 12noon Sea Sunday service followed at 1pm onwards by fun and games as the sim is flooded. Come to swim, boat and play accompanied by suitable maritime music.
  • Sunday 16 July Birthday Dance from 1-3pm at the Community Centre. Fairground rides, refreshments and more. Do come and join us.
  • Other events may be added. Watch out for notices.

Do come and join us for one of our events. Bring your friends, have a great time.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor


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Community Centre Social Nights

A report on our recent social events by Charlie12string Lax.

One of the new things happening lately on Epiphany Island has been the community social nights on Fridays SL Time. Cady has done a lot of work over the last few months and has transformed the Community centre, putting a dance floor on the top floor, which is open to the sky and has a lovely view of the Cathedral.

On the 9th of July ZoeRose and Cady put on a 60’s night. On the 16th Patapon and Cady ran a Black and White night where most people came wearing a combination of black and white clothing. Sadly I haven’t got any photos of these dances but we had great fun with good dancing, company, and music.

A wonderful group of people came together and helped celebrate the commissioning of the various updated parts of the sim on Sunday the 18th July, which has been refered to in another post.

On the 23rd we had another dance. This time it was with a County & Western theme and included a hay ride, horses, cows and an assortment of other animals and of course lots of hay, country clothing, hats and country music. One person said that although she was not a fan of country music she enjoyed the company of the people the dancing, and it was a great time.

We believe the building up of a real community needs to cover all aspects of our Christian lives, relaxing and having fun, as well engaging in worship and prayer. So far we have tried to run the dances twice on Fridays SL time at 12.30 – 2.30 and again at 8 – 10pm. If you would like to help in the organizing of these events please speak to Cady, Patapon, or any of the leadership team. Come and join in the fun! There will be a different theme each week.