The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Guidelines for external organizations

Guidelines for Use of Facilities on Epiphany Island by External Organizations


Requests for use of facilities on Epiphany Island will be reviewed by the Anglicans of Second Life (AoSL) Leadership Team.  Prior to approval of your request, we may ask to meet with you to answer further questions.

Your use of our facilities will be reviewed at the end of 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year in first year and thereafter every 6 months to help identify any questions or concerns about this use.

Any requests for use of our facilities for weddings or services of a sacramental nature (baptisms and the Eucharist / Holy Communion) will NOT be considered at this time.

All activities on Epiphany Island must adhere to the Second Life Community Standards (

The time slots available for use of our facilities may be restricted to times when they will not conflict with other scheduled events, to prevent an overload of sim resources.

Designated officers within a guest organization may be granted land use abilities on Epiphany Island.  Such officers may rez objects needed for the conduct of scheduled events.  We ask that such objects do not contain a large number of prims or scripts. These objects (with the possible exception of signs) should be taken back into inventory at the end of the scheduled event.

These officers may also be given the ability to eject and ban avatars who disrupt the activities of the scheduled event.  Guidelines for ejecting and banning avatars on Epiphany will be provided to these officers, who are expected to abide by them.  All instances of ejecting and banning avatars must be reported to the Leadership Team.

The AoSL Group does not charge a set fee for use of our facilities.  We depend entirely on volunteers to run the activities on Epiphany Island and on donations from the community and visitors to maintain the sim. Donation fonts or baskets can be found in the Cathedral, Chapel, outside the Parish House and in the Conference Center. All donations made to AoSL are used to cover our operating expenses.  Please spend some time praying about your possible contribution towards the use of these facilities. Any support you are able to make would be gratefully received and help ensure the continued existence of these facilities.

The AoSL Leadership Team reserves the right to terminate use of our facilities by an outside group at any time.  In the event that this becomes necessary, the leaders of the group will be contacted and informed of our decision to do so.


In order to evaluate your request, please answer the following questions.  Please save your answers in a notecard and send it to Fionn Bookmite, Chair of the leadership Team.


Your avatar name

Your RL name

How long have you been in SL?

Do you have experience with hosting events in SL?

Name of your SL church, group or organization

What is the purpose of your group?

Is there a SL Group for your church, group or organization?

Are you affiliated with a church, group or organization with a RL presence?  If so, what is the name of the group?

Does this group have a website?  If so, what is the URL of the site?

Name and email address of person in RL organization who can verify your permission to represent this group.

If not affiliated with an RL organization, name and email address of a person who can provide a personal reference.


If not given on a website, please provide information about your group, including background, current activities, vision and goals.

Have you read the Anglicans of Second Life Doctrinal Statement (, and does it raise any concerns for you?


What type of event(s) would you like to use our facilities for?

Are these events open to the public?

Is this request for a single event, or ongoing use of our facilities?

If ongoing, how often would these events be held, and for how long?

Are you interested in using a particular location on Epiphany Island?  (NOTE: the Cathedral is not typically available for use by outside groups.  However, requests for one-time uses for special events will be taken under consideration.)

Guest organizations should include this disclaimer in any notecards issued to those participating in their activities on Epiphany Island:

“Epiphany Island, the home of the Anglican Cathedral in SL, is owned and operated by the Anglicans of Second Life (AoSL) Group. [Name of guest organization] is a guest organization. While we take great care in evaluating groups who use our facilities, the views, opinions and actions of our guests may not always reflect those of the AoSL Group. If you have any concerns or questions about use of our facilities by outside groups, please contact our Chair, Fionn Bookmite or Church Warden, Ana Stubbs (”

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