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Epiphany – the way ahead?

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Good morning, everyone from a sunny and dusty Qatar!

On Sunday, as many of you will know, Helene Milena stepped down as our Lay Pastor. Now, this doesn’t mean we shan’t see her around Epiphany ever again, but it does mean that she is stepping down from the huge number of jobs she performed to keep Epiphany going. In her place are several people, and we still haven’t covered everything she offered! She is truly irreplaceable.

This means that from the beginning of June, Epiphany is going to change. I think the biggest change for most of us is that as we don’t have a Lay Pastor, so we will not have someone who will take a Sunday service and preach a sermon, every Sunday. Our presence on Epiphany will be tailored around that.

What we can do is look at our ability to offer a place of calm and quiet, of fellowship and love, of laughter and support to our own group and to the wider SL community. Along with Morning Prayer every day – thank you Charlie! – the Leadership Team is looking to offer prayer services at different times to meet the needs of everyone across the different time zones of our group. But we also want to consider less formal, and sometimes ad hoc, offerings. A good example of this is Jude’s “Questions, Queries and Quagmires” sessions. My main task as I settle into my role as Chair of the Leadership Team is to support these initiatives and to keep you all updated through IM and Group Notices. I shall make mistakes and I ask for your indulgence in advance!

Over the next few weeks I am going to try and spend as much time on Epiphany as possible so that I can meet people and ask them how they see our future. Yes, we need volunteers, but I shan’t badger. I don’t want people to vanish as soon as they realise that I am around! If you don’t see me and have a question, do message me.

Please do keep our community in your prayers.

PS there is a Sunday service at the usual time next Sunday (27th May), thanks to our lovely Charlie stepping up. See you all then.


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