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Holy Week on Epiphany Island

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Anglicans on Epiphany Island are busy with special services in this most important week of the year, just as our counterparts are in offline churches throughout the world. Below are some pictures to give you a taste of what has happened in the last week.

On Palm Sunday Ana excelled herself as usual in decorating the sim with palm trees and palm branches. We met in the Peace Garden for the beginning of our service and then processed, along with a reluctant donkey, to the Cathedral where the rest of the service took place. In the garden we read the Palm Gospel Matthew 21:1-11 . In the cathedral the readings were Philippians 2:5-11 and the Passion Gospel which this year was a dramatised version of Matthew 26:14-27:66 .

A peaceful donkey, once he was left to his own devices!

The garden tomb, new and unused on Palm Sunday.

The cathedral too was transformed on Palm Sunday.

On Good Friday we had a Tenebrae service, which is a service of shadows. In this the sadness of Holy Week was remembered as we read John 18-19. The candles in the chapel were gradually extinguished to make the chapel darker and darker. After the final reading Isaiah 53:4-9 the large candle which has burned in the cathedral since last Easter was also extinguished.

The chapel is almost in darkness.

The Jesus candle is extinguished.

On Saturday, Easter Eve, we held our Easter Vigil. We met at first in the Meditation Garden where we lit the new fire and a new Easter candle. We then went into the chapel and lit the candles as we remembered Jesus rising from the dead. Together we read the story of salvation. The readings were: Genesis 1.1 – 2.4a, Jonah 1.1 – 2.10, Exodus 14:10-31, 15:20-21, Ezekiel 36.24-28, Ezekiel 47.1-12, Romans 6:3-11, Matthew 28:1-10. The sim became bathed in the glorious colours of a sun rise. We gathered around the pool outside the chapel to remember our baptism promises. Then we climbed the steps from the chapel to the Cathedral courtyard and went to visit the empty tomb in the Peace Garden.

The new fire burning in the Meditation Garden with the light of the sunrise behind it.

We gathered to remember our baptism promises.

The tomb is empty. He is not here. He is risen!

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor

Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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