The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Leadership Team Meeting 28 November 2015

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The Leadership Team met together for the first time for quite a while. Our main topic of conversation was how the sim is used. There has been a lot of work done in recent times, with a new chapel installed and the land around it re-formed. Before anything else is done, it seemed like a good idea to have an overview on where different items might be placed in future developments.

Charlie would like a space to be found for his river of prayer which he used to have on his own land some years ago. It will need to be recreated as the building methods are out of date now. He would like to use a space opposite the chapel.

The labyrinth needs to be put in a new place before anything else is added in the chapel area. There is a space designed for the labyrinth beside the Meditation Garden. We discussed labyrinth designs. Although many offline labyrinths are of a circular construction square corners are probably best suited to our context. The Team was happy with the floor plan of the labyrinth that had previously been on the sim. Most labyrinths are simply laid out as a path on the ground or floor of a cathedral. We would need more than this but probably not the very high hedges we had previously. We plan to have new meditations in the labyrinth and hope more people will use it.

Ana provided a map which showed the various zones of the sim and their uses.Snapshot_031 - Copy

In the centre, coloured yellow, is the cathedral zone which also includes the Peace Garden as this is used at Easter and Christmas as an extension of the worship area.

To the right, coloured pink, is the meditation/prayer zone. This includes the Meditation Garden, Meditation Chapel, proposed sit of Labyrinth (superimposed on the map), and Tranquility Island. An area of sea is coloured pink but this does not really fit with the meditation usage. There have been plans for a dock/marina area around here. Charlie’s river of prayer would go somewhere in this pink area. There is a niche in the cliff to the west of the current waterfall that might work. Currently right at the top left corner of the pink area is a small stage which has been used for concerts in the past. The entrance to the crypt tunnels is opposite the chapel.

The green area is the community zone. It includes the Community Center with new residents’ area and pool, beach area, playground and Parish House. The red superimposed building is the proposed site for a new residential area which would comprise small rooms for individuals to use as their homes on the sim. This would be behind the Parish House and at a lower level to give residents some privacy. Access to the cathedral courtyard would be via a path beside the Peace Garden.

This idea of having residents on the sim is one we have considered in the past and then had suggested by a community member. We thought about any issues we would need to be aware of. The area for residents would form a separate parcel on the sim and there would be a residents’ group. There would be a member of the Leadership Team who would be the first point of contact for any resident who had a problem. We anticipate that those who take these rooms would be members of our community. If they ceased to be involved in the community we would ask them to leave the room they occupy. It would be important for residents to respect the fact that the sim has a PG rating. This limits what people can do on the sim. We would not have a complicated contract with residents but more of a gentleman’s agreement and would seek to resolve any difficulties via conversation. There would be no charge for the rooms, although anyone is always welcome to make donations to our ministry. We would provide basic furnishings which could be removed if the resident preferred this, and a prim limit for residents’ own items.

We are interested in how many people might be keen to take up residence in these rooms. We anticipate that they will be ready in about two months’ time. Do contact any member of the Leadership Team if this is of interest to you.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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