The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Socialising on Epiphany Island 11 October 2015

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After our Sunday service in the cathedral on Epiphany Island, those who have time to spare usually meet around the pool to chat. Ana enjoys splashing in the pool and there are comfortable benches and a woolly sheep to sit on. The various pets of the sim – dogs, cats and rabbits – usually join us. Here you can see Charlie enjoying a genuine sheepskin seat. Snapshot_030 klaus 11 oct 15

Anyone who has spent much time on the sim socialising when Ana is around will find odd things happening. I often find buildings landing on my head. On this occasion Klaus was nearly washed away by a suddenly appearing waterfall. Hopefully his feet eventually dried out!Snapshot_035 klaus 11 oct 15

Normally we stay by the pond but this time we decided to move to the small island in the south east of the sim. There are many little areas which are not used very often and this is one of them. Some time ago we had a live concert here but usually it’s a peaceful, tucked away part of the sim. There are lovely benches and log seats to recline against. Klaus and Ana tried out their guitar playing skills. Snapshot_049 klaus 11 oct 15

Charlie and Ana sat together and chatted. Snapshot_066 klaus 11 oct 15

To save us getting cold, Ana provided us with a wonderful fire. Snapshot_076 klaus 11 oct 15

If you have a few minutes to spare, Epiphany Island is well worth exploring.

Helene Milena
Lay Pastor

(Many thanks to Klaus for the photos)


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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