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Anglican – Methodist Covenant New Report, September 2013

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A new report on the Covenant between the Church of England and Methodist Church in Britain has recently been released. Those interested in learning more can click through to the following link:

Anglican – Methodist Covenant New Report, September 2013

The Anglican Communion has always been committed to ecumenism. For example, an aim of the Anglican Consultative Council is “to encourage and guide Anglican participation in the ecumenical movement and the ecumenical organisations, to co-operate with the World Council of Churches and the world confessional bodies on behalf of the Anglican Communion, and to make arrangements for the conduct of pan-Anglican conversations with the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox churches, and other churches.” Our calling and desire to unity is further outlined in the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral.

The “Kyoto Report of the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations 2000-2008”, records the Commission’s work of maintaining an overview of the Anglican Communion’s engagement with Christians of other traditions, and of giving encouragement and advice to the ecumenical activities of the Communion and the Provinces.  This report is available here.

We bring this to your attention asking you to be prayerful Anglicans; “Our earnest desire that the Savior’s prayer, ‘That we all may be one’, may,  in its deepest and truest sense, be speedily fulfilled.”

It is good to report on the current status of the Anglican – Methodist Covenant.  Lord, may Your will be done.  May Your Kingdom come.



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