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The times they are a-changing, yet again!

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19078809The moving of clocks forward or back one hour with the change of the seasons seems to come round rapidly. Barely have we become settled and somewhat complacent in a predictable pattern of services than everything has to change again.

On Sunday in the early hours of the morning, the clocks in North America will change, although I believe some states do not change their clocks. However, the important change is to Second Life Time which is the same as in Los Angeles. All times for our events and services are given in SLT. If all our leaders and all our members were in Los Angeles there would be no problem but that is not the case. The change in time in the UK and Europe happens on 31st March and that also has an effect. So hold on to your hats and take note of what will be happening over the next few weeks!

Friday Socials which run from 6-8pm SLT will continue unchanged. Sunday Compline at 6pm SLT will also continue unchanged. Other times are given in the table below:


Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Bible Study

Sunday Service

Wednesday Service

Until 9th March






*10th March






11th -30th March






**31st March on






* Time in North America moves forward one hour

** Time in UK and Europe moves forward one hour

Times in Australia and New Zealand change on 7th April when the clocks go back one hour. This will not affect the times of the services in SLT but it will affect the time for those who live in this area who will find that everything becomes an hour earlier.

The European time change will come in the early hours of Easter Sunday so the change in times will be on an important day when people may well not want to miss services. I will post the Easter services on the blog.

Author: Helene Milena

Lay Pastor of the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life. Teacher, counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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