The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Fun after Evening Prayer

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Anglicans have a tradition of praying at regular hours in the day, in common with some other churches and with religious communities. On Epiphany Island our community meets regularly morning and evening to pray together using the forms of Morning and Evening Prayer provided by the Church of England. You could say that we take prayer seriously.

It’s possible to be too serious of course but I don’t think it would be right to accuse us of that. After prayers we often chat together, sharing our lives, having a laugh together. We are particularly blessed in having our resident mermaid, Ana, around after Evening Prayer quite often. When she’s around you can never be sure what might happen next!

Recently the post-prayer conversation turned to reminiscing about children’s TV and the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles were mentioned. Very soon one such turtle appeared in the chapel. That was only the beginning! Tumble weed, rain, snow, a giant umbrella, a spinning person all quickly followed. With great presence of mind, Freezing filmed some of the event. Of course, you really needed to be there to fully appreciate the effect but perhaps his little film will give you and idea.

If you don’t attend Evening Prayer you may be missing out on some great experiences! Noon SLT every day. See you there.

Meanwhile …



Author: Helene Milena

Lay Pastor of the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life. Teacher, counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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