The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Brilliant News!!!


We have been informed that Anglicans of Second Life is a finalist in the Christian New Media Awards 2012. We are listed in the category of ‘Most Creative Use of Social Media’.

The judges are at present working their way through the final stage of the judging process; if they decide we are either a winner or runner up, then two representatives will be invited to the awards ceremony on Friday 19 October. We are likely to know the result by around 8 October.

A list of all the finalists can be found here:

This is obviously very exciting for us as a ministry. Of course, the most important thing is what we do, the lives we can impact, the chance to spread the Christian message. Gaining an award would be wonderful but it’s not the priority. Thank you all for being part of our community, whether in Second Life, by reading this blog, or by following us on our Facebook page or Twitter.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

8 thoughts on “Brilliant News!!!

  1. So, have we heard the results yet?

    • I’ve received an email to say we have not been successful, Kate. There was a nice comment in it:

      “We were truly impressed and inspired as a team by the presence you have in Second Life and by your continuing ministry – we wish you all the best in it, and hope you will enter again next year.”

      I’m still in the dark as to who entered us this year!

      • I hope that everybody isn’t too much disappointed that Epiphany doesn’t get the prize. It should be nice as the workers in Epiphany should get appreciation for all what they do.
        But what we have here together in Epiphany is more important than the prize.
        In our church, I usually play the guitar and we sing often next song :
        “Round and round we go. We hold each other’s hand and weave our lives in a circle. Our love is strong; the dance goes on.”
        And this is also for everybody here in Epiphany,
        Peace for all, Sophie xxx

  2. Congratulations, to everybody of the staff and specially to Helene. She’s doing a great job, thanks !
    When I’m able, I try to visit the service at nine o’clock in the evening(Dutch Time). It gives me peace but it is also very special to pray with people from all over the world ,the same as in the French village Taize. Once Helene could not come and we did the prayers, I took my Taize-songbook and did the prayers in French, German, English and Dutch !As you know, Jesus said at Matthew 18,20: “As two or more people come together to speak to me because they believe in me. I am there with them.’
    Sophie(Dutch Student)

  3. Congratulations! The entire AoSL team does such a fantastic job, and I’m glad the outside world is sitting up and taking notice. Whether the award is won or not is kind of not the point (although you deserve it, and then some). On the way to getting the notice that led to the nomination, you have done great things.


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  5. Congratulations to all the staff of the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life. While this may be recognition of the creative use of media, it is your nurturing ministry and love for those of us who visit that keeps us coming back. May your work continue to be a blessing and be blessed. Thank you for all you do.

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Kate. It’s a real privilege to be involved in this ministry and to meet with so many people from all over the world.

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