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Conversation and Cake #4

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Here is a rather belated report on our fourth Conversation and Cake get together which took place after the noon SLT service on 24 June 2012. Conversation & Cake is a monthly meeting on Epiphany Island when I share what has been happening in our ministry and listen to views and ideas from members of our community.

I was able to report that the generosity of our community had allowed us to raise the money we need for the 2012-2013 tier payment, with $75 US to spare. The news was understandably received with relief and celebration by those attending.

At the previous C&C meeting the community had indicated that a minimum budget should be set for the next financial year. The Leadership Team has done as requested. The donations fonts and baskets therefore give a monthly target that MUST be met if we are to be able to pay our tier next year. That figure is made up of $3717 tier (our current tier plus 5% just in case of increase); $288 for the Leadership Team discussion forum, which is paid as a donation each month; $120 to cover any costs of sim development.

Our tier is $3540 this year so we looked at $3717 for next year, being a 5% increase. We need 12 x $24 for Basecamp (the discussion forum) which is $288. We also need some provision for sim development. This year we had $120 which was more than enough. That gives an annual budget of $4125 which is L$1,068,375 for the year. We need to raise about 60% of this figure in world, with the rest coming in via PayPal.

At some point we need to expand the Leadership Team. At seven members it is quite small. We particularly need a treasurer as Cady currently acts as treasurer and church warden which is too heavy a burden for one person.

Arrangements for our weekly Evening Prayer in German have not worked out as quickly as we had hoped. The service will begin on 18 July and run for an experimental two month period before being reviewed.

A new destination called SpiritGate has recently been set up to hold TPs and information about places in SL which offer spiritual input. The Anglican Cathedral is now represented there. SpiritGate is attracting a lot of visitors including newbies as it’s in the Destination Guide. We can expect extra visitors to the sim as a result. The person organising SpiritGate is GreatHeart. It would be helpful to have any suggestions for improved communication on the sim to make things easier for visitors. GreatHeart has been helpful in making suggestions and bringing newbies to the sim to check it out.

Three people are listed as welcomers on the blog in addition to those who are welcomers as well as in some other role. We are always happy to consider applications from others. The task is not onerous – simply hanging around the sim when possible to greet visitors.

Bishop Christopher who is the bishop who looks after our ministry, did a video interview about a year ago about our ministry. If you are interested it is here: Members asked if the Bishop would be willing to come in world and meet us. Bishop Christopher makes no pretence of being very good with technology but possibly with support he might be able to come into SL and talk to us. Bishop Tom Brown of Wellington New Zealand did come in world and preach to us on one occasion. I shall be contacting Bishop Christopher to give him a report on our year so I could offer an invitation then.

There is a journal which looks at Church after Google for anyone who’s interested:

There is a small new development on the sim, a little underground grotto which can be access from the library in the Parish House. The sim has lots of little spots that few visit. It’s fun to explore. Gareth is a little disappointed that his idea to have dinosaurs in the new area has not been taken up. As we have a lot of Dr Who fans, perhaps we could add Daleks also.

Cady took the opportunity to remind people about the Friday socials which are held in the Community Center from 6-8pm SLT each Friday. Everyone is welcome. It’s a good opportunity to chat to people and get to know them.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

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