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New worship leaders, new services!

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It has always been the hope of the Leadership Team that more and more of our community will be released into ministry. We are very excited to see this happening in the form of two new worship leaders joining our team.

hridaya Resident lives in the United States and will be leading a Compline (Night Prayer) at 6pm SLT for those in the American time zones (or insomniacs from Europe and very confused people from west of the Pacific who will be praying for sleep in the morning!). The new services will be held in the chapel on Tuesday and Thursday initially but may extend to other days in the future. This will complement the Compline service led by Denise Difference on Sunday at 6pm SLT. Whereas Denise’s service is based on the Canadian prayer book, hridaya’s will use the Common Worship Night Prayer provided by the Church of England (there are many similarities between the two services). We do hope that this extra provision will be appreciated by members of our community. hridaya has already led one service attended by members of the Leadership Team and other worship leaders which went very well indeed.

Wave Rodenberger has also volunteered as a worship leader. He lives in Germany and attends our current Morning and Evening Prayer when RL commitments allow. He will initially be helping to cover for absence at these times but may take on a regular time of his own at some point. Wave led Morning Prayer on Sunday very well and will begin to help leading Evening Prayer with Helene in the coming weeks. It is a huge undertaking to lead a service in a language that is not your own as you can imagine but we have no doubts about Wave’s ability to do this. He has been reading regularly in services for a long time.

Some details about these leaders will be added to ‘The Teams’ page soon.

Please give these new leaders your support and encouragement. Remember that if you would like to volunteer in any capacity we would be very happy to hear from you. Simply chat to any member of the Leadership Team, email us or fill in the form in the volunteers box outside the cathedral.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

One thought on “New worship leaders, new services!

  1. This is very good news. All the best to the new leaders.

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