The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

Work in progress!


Over recent months there has been work going on with a view to renovating our Cathedral on Epiphany Island. Our current Cathedral was created by Monty Merlin and a small team in 2007. The idea was to create something big, impressive, interesting and it certainly achieved that. Monty did an incredible job, piecing together the sections of the Cathedral with only the most basic building tools in SL. He incorporated many details which have given us the feel of a real cathedral.

The building methods used required many prims and with more prims we find there is more lag, making walking around on the sim tricky at times. Cady, our church warden, has been exploring how to reduce the number of prims on the sim, especially those used for the Cathedral as that is the biggest single item. She has used the newer building techniques such as sculpties and larger prims (but not yet mesh which is very new indeed). The new look Cathedral has been constructed on a building platform above the island and several of our community have responded to invitations to visit it after services. They have been able to give Cady many suggestions on how to improve what was being created which has led to many changes and hours of work.

Most of the work seems to be finished now, though there is no doubt a little fine tuning to do yet. Until the end of October you are invited to visit the new build and see for yourself what has been achieved. Either use the landmark and take a wander round by yourself or contact any member of the Leadership Team who will be happy to show you around and listen to your comments. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

On 16 and 23 October the noon SLT services will be held in the new Cathedral on the building platform so that we can experience it as a worship space together.

Helene Milena – Lay Pastor


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Work in progress!

  1. Unfortunately the floor pattern indoors is the same as the one on the flags outside the old cathedral,which I’ve been avoiding as much as I can since they changed because they synaesthetically cause allergy-like discomfort. I was hoping one day the pattern would be changed again, not expanded. In addition there are so many other patterns in the new place, for instance on the pulpit steps, the aisle carpet and the seat upholstery,that I’ve come out in a rash and I’ve got to take some antihistamines.I can’t be alone in this, it’s a common problem. Am I the only one in the cathedral congregation though ? I don’t get visual disturbances, nausea and dizziness like some people do when they see many patterns.
    I’m afraid you’ll be seeing less of me for a while. Sorry to be gloomy and negative after so much hard work has been put in. Feel free not to publish this if it will distress anybody

    • Thank you.

      The reason we have shared this with the community is to get feedback, Rhianwen, so this is helpful. If you would like to send us a photo of how you see the patterns with your PC that might be very helpful as it seems that each computer sees things differently! We’ve discovered that as a Leadership Team as we have been looking at these changes.

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