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Service changes for this week & prayers requested

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Helene Milena will not be available to lead services for the next few days.  This means that the Thursday 2pm Cathedral service, and the noon Evening Prayer Chapel services from today (Wednesday) through Friday will not be held.

Much of this time will be spent in preparing for a RL meeting in Guildford, UK where, accompanied in RL by Able Shepard, and joined by way of SL by other Leadership Team members, she will meet with Bishop Christopher Hill.  This meeting with Bp. Hill, and others within the RL church, continues our work to finalize an Anglicans of SL Constitution, and help formalize our ties with the RL church.  The meeting will take place this Friday morning.  Your prayers leading up to and during this important meeting are most appreciated.


One thought on “Service changes for this week & prayers requested

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t hear about it in time to include it in my prayers! I hope it went well, and will look forward to hearing about it.


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