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Treasury Report, 4th quarter 2010

Anglicans of Second Life Quarterly Financial Report (October-December 2010)

Our thanks for the increased level of financial support!

First of all we wish to thank everyone who has stepped up to contribute since we originally called for help in early October. There has been a noticeable increase in donations, both in amount and frequency. It is good to see that Epiphany has so much support from its community.

As you will see from the rest of this report we still have a way to go to reach the annual goal, so your continuing support is essential. All donations, large or small, are welcome and very much appreciated.

As a reminder, Anglicans of SL is a completely volunteer run organization, and 100% of your contributions go directly to maintaining our virtual facilities within Second Life.  You may make your donations inworld using the donation fonts and baskets located around Epiphany Island, or if you prefer, you may make monthly subscription payments using Paypal.

Status of SL Treasury alt accounts

On October 1 2010, the collection of inworld donations was turned over to the SL alt account by the name of Rua Elan, which is being administered by Patapon Monday (Mary Nuttall in RL).  This report will address the activity of the Rua Elan account, as well as the Paypal donations received since October 1.

Treasurer Rua Elan at the fund raising thermometer in the Cathedral forecourt.

Inworld donations received in this financial year before October 1, 2010, continue to be held by Tithe Sixpence, the treasurer alt administered by Cady Enoch (Mary Wanamaker in RL).

Our donation goals

As Cady Enoch posted to this blog last October (A call to the AoSL community) our financial situation deteriorated markedly with Linden Labs’ announcement of the ending of special pricing for non-profit land owners at the end of December 2010, which effectively doubles the annual tier payment we need to make.

The annual tier payment once the new pricing comes into effect is US$ 3,540. This falls due for payment in June 2011 so we need to raise that amount by the end of May.

We calculate the monthly donation goals every month taking into account the total donations already received for the year, dividing the difference from the annual goal by the number of months remaining.

Please note that the goal amount is the very least amount of money we need to raise in order to retain possession of Epiphany Island sim. Ideally we would like to have a year’s tier payment in reserve and also have funds for further development of our inworld facilities (currently paid by a separate private donation not included in our official donation accounts). Continue reading