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Posada 2010


Last year, on the suggestion of one of our community members, Anglicans of Second Life organised a Posada. This is an old Mexican tradition in which the young people of the community dressed up as Mary and Joseph and went from house to house in the village. They asked for a room for the night and announced to the people that Jesus was soon to be born. A full scale nativity play was then acted out on Christmas Eve at their church and the stable scene was completed with Mary and Joseph.

This tradition is celebrated nowadays with figures of Mary and Joseph being hosted in different places each night of Advent. When they stay in a place it offers a chance for a party for friends and family of the host. The form this takes varies but may include worship and carols and a telling of the message of Christmas and perhaps food and drink. It’s more important that it’s a time of gathering together than that it is something elaborate.

Last year was a wonderful chance for many of us to meet new people, to visit different churches and locations, and to enjoy the build up to Christmas. It would be wonderful to do the same this year. Can you offer Mary and Joseph a place to stay for a night?  On Advent Sunday (28th November) in the noon service, the figures of Mary and Joseph will be handed to the first host. Each evening, at a time convenient to you and the next host, Mary and Joseph will move on. On Christmas Eve they will return to Epiphany Island and take up residence in our stable scene in the Peace Garden.

If you would like to help, please let Cady Enoch know as soon as possible. The full list of hosts does not have to be in place by Advent Sunday, but the first few are needed as soon as possible. Last year we had people volunteering while the Posada was already underway.

If you host Mary and Joseph we can advertise any event you may be having via group notices and you will be able to use the group IM to remind members of the community of the event if you wish. It would be wonderful if you could take a photo of Mary and Joseph in your home, church or other venue and send it to Cady plus a brief diary entry of what happened that day. Last year we were able to create a lovely memory book in world of the journey Mary and Joseph took over Advent.


Author: Helene Milena

Teacher, retired counsellor, wife, mother and grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Posada 2010

  1. May one ask why last year, 2010, all Posada photos submitted by all gay and lesbian members of the congregation were excluded from the Posada memory book? Look for any of us in the 2010 book that was produced. We’re the pages you don’t see. We were erased. I was erased.

    That’s okay, we’ve all got the message loud and clear, we’re not welcome at the manger, or the Cathedral. We’ll join the Jews, the blacks, the poor, the Asians, the disenfranchised, the homeless, the ones without passports, the refugees, the landless, all of us excluded and outside the front door of the Anglican church. All of us deemed wrong by those better than us just because of how we were born.

    And a Merry Christmas to those lucky privileged few admitted within the Cathedral this Christmas.

    • The opportunity to host the Posada was open to all who wished to participate in 2009, the first year we undertook the venture. Each host was invited to advertise their event via our group notices or instant messaging if they were prepared to have members visit them on the day that Mary and Joseph spent with them. Hosts were also invited to submit photos of the event on their land. All photos provided were included in the Posada memory book. In addition, every host was invited to attend the service when the Posada returned to Epiphany (an occasion open to all, as are all our events). During that service the names of all hosts were included. This same list of names was also included in the Posada book and in a blog post.

      This year we have followed a very similar procedure. All hosts from last year were invited personally to participate in addition to the general invitation posted on the blog and in world. Several of them chose to do so but not all were able to. We are currently waiting for any more photos to arrive before providing a free to copy memory book of the Posada 2010.

      We continue to remain true to our Vision Statement, welcoming, serving and working with those from all over the world and from different theological persuasions to offer the opportunity for SL residents to explore or deepen their faith in God.

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