The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life

An update on our fundraising goals

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First off, I’d like to extend our thanks to the members of our community who have so generously stepped up to provide both financial contributions and feedback on how we might move forward in this challenging time.

We have considered how best to keep all of you informed about our progress toward our revised donation goals.  Above all of our donation fonts and baskets, there is floating text that displays our current monthly donation goals.  This goal number was formerly calculated by taking the total cost of the annual tier payment (converted to Linden dollars) and dividing it by 12.  We have now decided to go with a more dynamic and accurate means of goal setting.

You will note that this month’s goal is $84,175L.  Here’s how we arrived at that number.

  • We currently have approximately $939.75 USD in the treasury.  This is the total of all donations made to us, either through inworld donations or Paypal donations, since our last tier payment in June 2010.
  • Our annual tier payment, once the new pricing goes into effect, will be $3,540 USD
  • The difference between these two figures is $2,600.25 USD.
  • We have eight months to raise this amount.  Dividing this number by 8 gives $325.03 USD.  If you convert this to Linden dollars (using 325 x 259) you get $84,175L.

At the end of this month, and all months going forward, we will perform similar calculations to arrive at the next monthly fundraising goal.  If we surpass this month’s goal, next month’s goal will be correspondingly lower.  If we reach our annual goal before next June, those additional donations will be placed in reserve toward the next tier payment.  As has been noted here in the past, we would ideally like to have a year’s worth of tier payment in reserve, to help ensure our continued ministry in SL.  Of course, that is an even loftier goal in these times, but anything is possible!

You will also note a new display in the courtyard, to the left of the cathedral doors.  This is a visual representation of our progress toward our annual goal.  As of the end of September, we have raised 26% of that goal.  At the end of each month we will update this chart to show how close we are to meeting that goal.  Our target date for reaching 100% is the end of May 2011, as the invoice will come due in June.

I hope this explains things clearly for everyone!  Please feel free to follow up with any questions you may have, either in comments to this post, or to any member of the Leadership Team.  Again, we really appreciate your support of our ministry!


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